Are Catholics and Christians the SAME!? What is the difference?!

Medals in the Life of a Catholic

A medal (medallion) is a piece of metal that often looks like a coin but without any monetary value. The main purpose of medals is to serve as commemorative of important persons, places or shrines, historical and miraculous events and personal graces (e.g., First communion, Confirmation, and Ordination). They can also serve as reminders of lessons of piety such as the badges used by members of religious associations. Many Catholic devotees also believe that medals protect and bless their wearers.

Divided! We’re Falling

I don’t know about you, but I have reached the point of wondering when God’s church is going to superglue itself together and become united; doing the Lord’s work without the fighting among ourselves. From what I’ve observed, it doesn’t look likely. It seems, here in America at least, no one is a Christian anymore.

How Christian Resources Can Help Us

Christian stores offer lots of products that counteract all the bad media out there today. For family friendly resources, the best place to go is to your nearest Christian store.

The Truth About 2012

You probably know this, but there’s a bunch of theories regarding what’s going to happen in the year 2012, more specifically December 21, 2012. People’s opinions vary, and most dismiss it all, while people like you and me find interest in knowing the truth about 2012.

Jesus – Christian Passion For the Truth

Religion and everything philosophical about religion, started during the prehistoric period when people faced with ignorance, and covered with fears about what they could not explain, begun the journey of believing in something bigger than themselves, gods that deserve their obedience and servitude. The record concerning religion in general, and Jesus in particular, is massive with regards to books, electronic evidence, historical findings, etc. But what can we specifically learn from the great minds of our world? What if you were a forensic scientist? How would you then approach Jesus’ murder? What does Einstein tell us about Jesus? When all well-known books and records are examined, what does the evidence tell us about the miracles, the murder at Golgotha, the afterlife? Science, fiction, archeological discoveries, old and new writings, all need to be evaluated with one simple thought in mind: to reach the truth, if at all possible, in an unbiased way.

Eight Reasons Why Only Jesus Saves

Freedom of religion means that it is your responsibility to discover the way to heaven. If you choose wrong, you will be lost. Read the New Testament.

Perfect Rest in His Presence

To be at rest is to feel peaceful and totally relaxed. When is the last time you can say you were truly at rest? Signs such as snoring, jaw crunching and moaning, belie a perfectly restful sleep. But, you can find perfect rest in His Presence!

Patron Saint Medals – Symbols of Faith in a Secular World

Why do people wear patron saint medals or religious medals? Do they have a place in the modern world?

The Biggest Mistake God Ever Made

I know that most of the people who believe in the God of the Old Testament, don’t really want to believe that he ever made a mistake, but he made quite a few. God said that he would never flood the earth and kill every living thing on the planet again.

Listen and I Will Tell You the Biggest Miracle About Jesus

Was the biggest miracle that Jesus ever performed the one where he fed 5000 people with just a couple of loaves of bread and a few fish? Was it when he raised Lazarus from the dead? Pay attention, because I’m about to share with you, the biggest miracle about Jesus and this time it’s actually the truth.

Is There Going to Be Enough Food in Heaven?

I guess if you truly believe that heaven is going to be this wonderful place and all of your dreams will come true, why wouldn’t you believe that there wouldn’t be enough food. Here’s the only problem that I have, when someone says that there is going to be enough food in heaven for everyone. Why isn’t there enough food for everyone on earth today? If God actually is that powerful, how could he be so cruel?

What If Your God Wasn’t the Creator of Everything?

Most religions believe that their god or gods created everything, but what if your God wasn’t the creator of everything? What if your specific god didn’t create everything but someone else’s God did?

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