Why A Good God Allows Evil and Suffering

The problem of why God allows suffering and evil has long been debated. It’s one common reason people give for not being a Christian and/or departing from Christianity. The problem goes: If the Biblical God exists, then He is good, omniscient, and all powerful.

The Systems Behind The World Order

Religion is a political system that runs the world. People who are brainwashed into false gods and myths are unable to break free while those who are of the Spirit are moving rapidly away from it.

Chicken Dinner Even The Vultures Wouldn’t Touch

There are so many differences in the way in which standardized things are done. Explore how terrible tasting chicken relates to the Word of God lived out.

Religious Corruption And The World Order

We are under the influence of the man dubbed 666 and he has free reign over the World Order thanks to the parliament he put in place. Now we are witnesses to the plan of God and the end of the world as we know it.

I Can’t Be Good: A Look At Depravity

Paul says there is nothing good in human flesh. I simply cannot be good, or even choose God. I need His grace.

Removing Those Fig Trees and Mountains

Jesus pointed out to His disciples the importance of speaking to the problem. Instead of talking about our negative challenges, let us learn to “cast it into the sea” by the words of our mouth.

Christmas and God’s Retaliation

The end of days is fast approaching as people continue to worship false gods and the birthday of the sun as something special. Learning the truth is up to individuals and coming away from the lies is on their heads. Those who are close to God are already aware.

Within A Family, Even A Terrorist is Loved As An Innocent, Normal Human Being, Slightly Misguided

We are all imperfect. God alone is perfect. Within a family, even an imperfect member is always welcome. To a mother, even her militant son is always an innocent, good guy, May be slightly misguided.

Common Perspectives of Religions and Believers

What is a religion? This might be an unusual question for those people who don’t belong to a religion, but for those who do, this is a question they are over smartly confident in, and hence they hold erring beliefs. Here we are going to figure out some really important points which coerce us to be engaged with a particular religion. Let’s begin with a little illustration of the term “Religion”.

A Maximally Greatest Being Vs Maximally Greatest Beings

There are those who insist that there can be one and only one possible Maximally Greatest Being (i.e. – God). Others, like myself, insist that if there can exist one God, there can exist many gods. It’s the old monotheism vs. polytheism argument. While I personally opt for the sum total of zero gods, if there is indeed a philosophical requirement for there to be one deity, then that opens up the can of worms of why there can’t be two or more deities, all Maximally Greatest Beings.

God’s People and the 5 Points of Calvin and Arminius

A brief history of the Calvinist/Arminian struggle, including a look at Calvin, Arminius, and Pelagius. Then an actual listing of the five points of each side of the argument.

Has China Lost Its Way Looking For Aliens?

With the recent news that China is entering the race to find aliens with its plan, already advanced, to build the world’s largest telescope, no one need doubt their interest and commitment. But what evidence is there beyond atheistic beliefs and optimism that there might be the remotest chance of success?

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