Your Eternal Salvation

The question of eternal salvation is one that each of the world’s four major religions (Christianity, Islam, Buddhism and Hinduism) offers a different take on. According to the Christian view on eternal salvation, there is agreement that you can only attain your eternal salvation after accepting Jesus Christ into your live and following his teachings, though different schools of thought in the Christian church have different takes on what makes the acceptance of Jesus Christ into one’s life…

Stalking Happens Within the Christian Community Too

Being stalked is no fun. It takes the person feeling victimised in this way through a range of emotions, and they’re all negative, and all based in fear, which is something any proper Christian person is keenly aware of–to negate or avoid promoting it in others, and certainly from ourselves as the source.

Creating Conflict by Using the Bible

Oh, that’s different, that’s not the same thing as lying and I was just trying to avoid answering her question. Whether you consider this creating conflict or a direct contradiction, using words creatively by twisting them around, until they can provide you with the answer you are seeking, it’s still creating conflict and that’s what happens in the Bible.

Business, Politics, War, and the Quarrels of Life, and Where the Solutions and Answers Lie

Politicians have wonderful ideas, and it might almost just all work out, if it were not for sin. Why is there war? What causes fights and quarrels? Don’t they come from your desires that battle within you? With all these Conference and Summits should we not have banished war by now and fed every hungry belly in the world? Again, we see the crucial role leadership has to play in every walk of life.

You’ve Been Taught Baptism ALL Wrong!

This Baptism thing has set denominations at each other’s throats, and I’m simply amazed that they ALL seem to be missing in their teachings a VERY critical element associated with it in the Spiritual Realm. Do you HAVE to be baptized to be saved? Yes and No! How can it be both? Read the entire article and you’ll see how, and it will set you free in so many ways you’ve never dreamed of such freedom.

The Future of Water

Genesis, chapter one, talks about the creation of the universe. Within that, there is water. It is possible it is not exclusive to earth.

Antichrist is Here Now

The Antichrist is a man who will astonish and hypnotize the entire planet. His coming has been anticipated for many years. But what if he’s been here, on the earth, this whole time? He’s been here for thousands of years, but in a dormant state.

Viral Pride

The problem today is not keeping people from the pride virus because virtually everyone has it. The problem today is finding the cure. And again, the key to the cure is like the key to contagion — contact.

Does God Have the Ability to Give Us a Message?

Every person who believes in Christianity, would also believe that God does have the ability to do anything, so why wouldn’t he have the ability to give us a message. I have to agree with that last statement. If God can do anything, why wouldn’t he do something that’s so simple?

Reform Society Without Government Intervention

“There oughta be a law.” Have you ever heard this cliche, have you ever said it? In the United States, they make tens of thousands of laws every year. If government intervention were the answer there would be no problems left. The belief that government can solve all of our problems is the problem.

End Times For USA?

Are we asleep at the wheel? Are we already in the End Times, but we don’t know it? What would be the sign that we are already at the Beginning of the End? The most important sign is not what you think: DNA manipulation.

What is the Difference Between Wicca and Witchcraft?

Wicca and Witchcraft cannot really be differentiated between in a discussion as Wiccans use witchcraft as a ritualistic tool. Furthermore, witchcraft can only really be defined separately to Wicca when it is practiced without its purpose within the Wiccan culture.

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