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The Importance of Miracle Healing in Christian Faith


The Importance of Miracle Healing in Christian Faith

In Christian teachings, healing is a vital part of the Christian faith. Jesus gave his followers the power to heal, but only in His presence. He never gave apostles the power to walk on water or feed the 5,000. They were only given the power to heal the sick and raise the dead, and this power points to their status as the messengers of God. However, most Christians are not aware of this reality. This is why Christians have a difficult time recognizing real healing.

In the Bible, Jesus called twelve disciples, who he called apostles. Later on, they became known as Boanerges, Spanish for “Sons of Thunder.” They included Judas Iscariot, Simon the Canaanite, and James son of Alphaeus. These twelve apostles went on to preach the gospel and heal people. They were also ordained by the church as elders and were committed to the Lord.

The Church is an outpost for the Kingdom in the other world. It is God’s plan to bring about God’s Kingdom across all creation through the Church. It is God’s will for these two families to work together through the Church. It is important to note that these two families must be in communion with one another.

The Bible contains many examples of miraculous signs and events that point to a supernatural God. Jesus performed many miracles as a demonstration of His power. Acts 2:22 mentions many of these miracles. In Acts 16:16-18, he casts out demons and blinds a sorcerer. John 2:1-11 also mentions several miracles performed by his apostles.

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