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Student Bibles – How to Study the Bible

There are many young Christians out there that have found the importance and reliability of using student bibles. These student bibles are perfect for teenagers and young adults in their quest for a better understanding of their faith in God.

Of Dreams and Visions

I would like to bring up today a subject which is quite controversial, a subject that often stirs up the foundations of our belief, and on which so many people disagree. Dreams and visions have historically been used by Sorcerers, Magicians, Seers, Oracles and Prophets, many at times in different contexts, and with a plethora of purposes. They have brought kingdoms dawn, they have raised new empires, they at times have caused so much damage that throughout history there is not any other subject which has been more attractive to man in the spiritual context.

NIV Life Application Study Bible – Getting to Know the NIV

The NIV Life Application Study Bible is a great way to study the bible in terms of the current modern world. This is a great book that can help you study the Word of God and help you answer what God’s word means for today’s world.

The Fourth Sunday of Easter – The Good Shepherd

The celebration of Christ’s resurrection from the dead at Easter continues as we journey toward Pentecost on March 23rd. The period of Eastertide, which ranges between Easter Sunday and Pentecost, is known as the Great Fifty Days.

Is a National Day of Prayer Unconstitutional?

The higher courts will be hearing arguments regarding the constitutionality of a “National Day of Prayer,” following a lower court ruling against recognizing this day. This is not a holiday where businesses close or work is stopped. It is not a directive to pray. Nor is it a promotion for organized religion. Rather, setting aside one day a year to allow those so inclined to unite through the power of prayer to seek wisdom, courage and strength for the people of this nation (particularly our leaders) is about as American as it can be.

Mouth of a Sinner

Remember the old saying our mothers used to tell us, “if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all”? As you look at the things the Bible calls a sin, so many are manifested through what we say. So as we grow older, if we could only adhere to our mother’s advice, we would all be a little closer to Christ.

Answering the Question, “Does God See Me?”

It is estimated that all of the skin, mineral and chemical elements that make up the human body are worth about $4.50. People have always wondered if their life has been worthwhile, if they truly made a difference and were they really valued.

Words Used by Authors and Journalists Are Frequently Most Revealing in All Kinds of Ways

A disaster and catastrophe of ‘apocalyptic proportions’ was the favoured language used by many in the media when reporting on the earthquake in Haiti, a few months ago. Why use this biblical terminology?

Role of Our Church

In today’s churches, you can find any doctrine you want to listen to or that fits with in your desires. There are churches that talk about being rich and using Biblical principles to get there. Even though God may bless His followers, it may not necessarily be in financial ways. We must study God’s word and understand what He expects from us, standing firm in our devotion to Him.

You Can See the Kingdom of God

The simple fact of the matter is that there are things we have never seen and that is why walking (living) by faith is the best life of all. If you think about it everything we see is an illusion, we don’t really see the real world – or should I say the spiritual realm.

Almadinajad and Judges – The Book

The time is drawing near for the past to catch up with us today. In reading chapter 4 of Judges you will be able to paint a picture within your minds eye the reality that history is about to repeat itself. We must also understand history has and will continue to repeat itself until the second coming of Jesus Christ.

St Paul’s Letter to the Church at Rome – Why There? What Was the Empire Like Then?

Caesar was the imperial family name. Augustus was the sacred name of majesty, or in other words the title that made him a god, but the Romans steadfastly refused to give the imperator the title of a political or legal despot.

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