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What is Christianity?

Christianity is a religion that is based on the teachings of Jesus Christ. It teaches that Jesus is the Son of God who came to this earth to rescue sinners and save them from eternal punishment in hell.

Deliverance: Casting out Demons

Christian believers believe that Jesus has the power to cast out all demons from those who ask for him. Christians do this by prayer.

Healing: The sick

Christians also pray to heal the sick and see them recover. This is known as “miracle healing”.

These are the same results that Jesus gave to those who sought him out in his day.

The Lord had appointed apostles, prophets, teachers, and healing powers within the church (Luke 9:1-8). People in these positions often exhibited these gifts.

Miracles were a powerful way for Christians to show the power of the Holy Spirit and to make others aware of the presence of the Lord.

As a result, these miracles were seen as an important aspect of the church.

It was believed that when someone is healed by a miracle, they are given a new spirit and are freed from the evil spirits.

Those who are saved by the work of Jesus Christ are called “Christians”. These Christians live a life of obedience to the Bible. They strive to treat others with kindness, love and respect. They try to follow the Ten Commandments of the Bible. They also try to make the world a better place by doing things such as cleaning up garbage, helping the poor and teaching others about the Gospel.

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