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Like a Jack Russell

A friend of mine is with CBMC, a Christian business group that meets weekly, helping one another to live closer to the Lord in the business world where things are not always being easy as well. But they do not only grow inwards.

Where to Find Real Joy

When and why do you find real joy? Often in my life I find my joy going up and down.

You and Me

Paul starts the last chapter of his letter to the people in Philippa as follows: 1My dear, dear friends! I love you so much.

Forgiveness And Retribution From A Christian Perspective

Catholics make the idea of retribution too hard with their belief in purgatory, but evangelicals make forgiveness too cheap with their all-is-forgiven theology. The latter think they are in a win-win situation and the former are not allowed to have security of salvation. Both are wrong.

The Spiritual Marketplace

By abiding in Jesus, we will produce an abundance of fruit. When we are not in continual fellowship with Him, we will be like the fig tree that had the appearance of fruit, but upon closer examination, there was no fruit. (Matthew 21:19)

Elite Or Privileged

Since we were small children, many of us have been conditioned to recognize the physically strong, the mentally gifted, the wealthy, and the powerful to be the natural leaders who can show the rest of us how to have success and happiness. I do not recall being counseled to measure the performance of such people, nor did I receive a warning that they could choose to combine their talent with evil intent.

The Bible: A Product Of The Human Imagination

One thing that apparently humans excel at relative to other species is having an imagination. Witness the multi-thousands upon thousands of fantastic science fiction and fantasy and mythological tales attributed to the human imagination and human authorship. Since the Bible is full of such fantastic mythological and supernatural-themed stories, it’s not unreasonable to postulate that the Bible too is just a product of pure human imagination.

Why Prayers Don’t Work

Rattling off scripted prayers written by religious people often centuries ago does nothing for anyone. When the roots of those prayers are examined the reality is that they are part of the blinding of humanity and the burying of the truth. It is rather astounding to think that most people cannot put enough words together to ask God about their lives or where they are supposed to be heading.

Have You Tried to Solve This Famous Historical Mystery?

I enjoy mysteries. Not only reading them or discussing them but also writing them. One that I have given a lot of thought to over the years is the Easter story itself. It is hard to ignore, whatever your religion or philosophy, given that it has had such a deep and lasting effect on the World, and on many individuals. In this article, I look at several suggested explanations and consider the strengths and weaknesses of each.

Code Blue: Why Many Churches Are Spiritually Dead

“My Church does not really believe I’m coming back soon!” Christ cried three times after police officer Marty Breeden coded blue, took his last breath and met Jesus on July 17, 2015. Breeden pleaded with Him that the church is ready.

Promises That Only God Can Keep

John 14-16 is a gold mine of statements proving the Deity of Jesus. See for yourself.

Atheism – Is It Really Reasonable?

Following Richard Dawkins and other high-profile atheists, many people have the idea that atheistic belief relies on the wonderful powers of human reason. The thought has become commonplace; atheism is super-reasonable, while Christianity is super-daft nonsense. Popular atheistic belief needs to be teased out a little to see what in fact it relies on.

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