Are You My Spiritual Dada??????

The Power of God Enacted In Acts of Silence

Hospitals were always my least favoured destinations until I finally understood that there are many people there who are frightened, lonely, bored, alone, feeling less than human, or angry. I never really enjoyed being in hospitals when my children stayed, for instance. I always felt so useless, as if I could hardly make a difference. But then I reflected on the little things I could and would do to support the person I knew in hospital. I learned that, though I was bored, I could be of great support just by being there. There is power enacted in acts of silence. When we commit to being with somebody in a hospital, or in some other undesirable place, and our commitment is not based on anything we can gain, God speaks.

How To Shop For The Best And Unique Gifts Online

You can buy some really unique gifts online, or you can easily make your own. Create some great graphics, upload your stuff, and then purchase your new creations. It really is that easy.

Walk Of Faith: The Importance Of Taking Communion

Most Christians know that we take communion in remembrance of what Jesus did for us; for it is written in Matthew 26:26-28 and as they were eating, Jesus took the bread, blessed it and broke it and gave it to the disciples and said take, eat; this is my body. Then He took the cup and gave thanks and gave it to them saying, drink from it all of you for this is my blood of the new covenant, which is shed for many for the remission of sins. We know that when we partake of communion we are remembering the Lord’s death until He comes but there is more to taking communion.

The Evil Agendas

The secular community has taken their stand against Christianity and are going about trying to change laws and times to fulfill their desire of a world without Christ. Many today seek decrees and laws in open violation of reason and Scripture.

Walk Of Faith: Have Faith In Things Before It Appear

Christians are in the world but we are not of this world so our way or rather God’s way of doing things are quite different from the world. We, as His children should be imitators of Him, we should speak and do as He does and that would mean that what we speak and do will be contrary to the world’s way of doing things because that is the way of God.

Is All Religion Superstition?

In the television series Montabalno we see a glimpse of a most cruel and dangerous Mafiosi family, who amazingly have close ties with a Catholic priest and religious ritual. The grandson of the family has loads of murders on his shoulders yet has a small alter in his room. “The only problem was the boy and the priest both mistook superstition for religion. Like most Sicilians for that matter.” Vividly portrayed is sentimental hypocrisy of the worst kind. Someone who quite irrationally is trying to magically save his soul without any attempt whatsoever to change his evil ways. It raises the question in the readers mind as to whether all religion is just superstition?

Striving for God’s Rest

Sabbath rest is not just about resting from our work or rest for our spirits. Sabbath rest is a continual state to enter into and to maintain. Sabbath rest is about achieving a delightful balance of soul, where the body is fit and sound, the mind is unhurried and alert, and the entire essence of one’s being is charged with the joy-filled capacity for the fullest momentary investment of self toward life.

A Touch Of Faith Moves God

The word of God say that without faith it is impossible to please Him so why do we sometime expect our works of righteousness would gain favor from Him? It will not gain favor for us because the bible say that the just shall live by faith.

The Bad 13: Will 2013 Be Unlucky? Is 13 an Omen of the Occult?

2013 promises to be an unusual year for reasons of economy, healthcare, the anniversary of the Federal Reserve and some religious reasons. The words on our $1 bill suggest big events if we understand them…

Worship, Unforgiveness and Sin – The Challenge!

Worship is the vehicle that is at the centre of God and it should be at the centre of our lives also. God doesn’t want men standing before Him and worshipping Him but carrying unforgiven sin and unforgiveness full in our lives. The bible tells us that God hates the sin in man, God doesn’t hate the men and when we touch God with our worship He inturns touches us with love as well but if we are to exalt him the bible tells us to do it with clean hands and a pure heart.

The Mistaken Myth – The Truth About Surrender!

Worship is all about surrender, giving clearance for a higher authority to take over your life, surrendering our lives, jobs, family and our destinies to the power of God. That worship. Surrender according to dictionary means: Give up possession of something: to relinquish possession or control of something because of coercion or force, surrender territory, surrender your passport

The Astrotheological and Shamanic Origins of Christmas

Could there be deeper meanings to those ancient stories of the birth of the Christ child? If so what was it really all about? I’ll take a politically incorrect look at the ancient mysteries of the Jesus, what if the truth is written in the stars themselves?

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