Are You TRULY Born Again? | Revival In San Antonio, TX Sermon

God Waits to Heal Seekers of the Truth

Healing happens in an instant when God does it. There are no tricks or fancy words required just the truth and the seekers of that are the children of the Spirit.

Easter Crucifixion Ritual Has Roots in Babylon and Sun Worship

My reincarnation proved that religions are wrong and it led me on a search to discover the roots of all faiths in the Islamic religion of Babylon. While people celebrate the ritual of crucifixion at Easter they should examine the likelihood that they are worshiping the sun, not the Son.

The Holy Spirit’s Strengthening and the Glory of God

The more we do for God, the more a threat it is that we are actually not doing it for God. There is no direct correlation, for there are many, many faithful servants who serve out of their submission and they serve never more in God’s power, blessed by God’s capacity, and anointed by God’s providence. But doing things for God – building his Kingdom – ever involves us in a paradox. The more we do for God, the closer we come to doing it in our own strength and, therefore, for our own glory, alone.

You Must – Because Jesus Is Alive!

There are many things we ‘must do’. Some are a lot more pressing than others. There might be a friendly – ‘Oh, you must watch it!’ to the house re-paint, car service or family celebration to remember. And so it goes on. Of the many ‘must do’ things, many will never get done! But, are there any things so vital, they ought never to be overlooked?

Are You the Lost Son or Daughter?

Have we ever wondered where would we stand if we die today? What would happen to us? Read this universally accepted love-story of a loving father and his prodigal son. A new overview to the famous parable of the Prodigal Son. Read it to believe it.

In Santa Claus, The Tooth Fairy And The Easter Bunny We Trust

There’s a hundred times over more evidence for the existence of Santa Claus, the Tooth Fairy and the Easter Bunny than there is for an almighty deity, oft called God. It’s rather disquieting that there’s massive amounts of evidence for what we don’t believe in, what we know is make-believe, yet no evidence at all for the reality of what multi-millions of individuals accept without question. Something is screwy somewhere.

Here’s An Abbreviated Take On The Holy Scriptures

Since we live in a culture who demands “instant gratification” I have produced my take on the Holy Scriptures in capsule form. For those who seriously want to know more concerning this subject, I recommend studying the Bible and attending a Bible teaching church.

Connected to God Through Spiritual Links

God is the Spirit of the universe and if one knows the size of that then an idea of how omnipotent it is will be clear to see. This is not something that could ever be killed on a cross and the way of the Spirit is far beyond the understanding of those who built the wall that separates it from the spiritual children.

The Plan of God and the Deception to Trap the Spiritual Children

The children of God were seeded with spiritual power at the start of the day of the lord. They have been tried and tested throughout the course of it to either strengthen their connection or to lose it.

Why Jesus’ Name? An Answer to World Net Daily’s Editor’s Question, Why Not Allah When People Curse?

Millions of Christians are unaware of the problem of translating a name like Jesus. Names should be transliterated, sound-for-sound. “Jesus” is linked to the savior god of Greek mythology, Zeus and in the end-times, will be used to deceive millions as the Bible suggests, explained here.

Responding to the Call

Jesus called twelve men to be His disciples. Today Jesus is still calling individuals into the fivefold ministry: apostle, prophet, evangelist, pastor and teacher. These must be persons of spiritual maturity, character and competence.

Easter Is a Celebration of Sun Worship and Babylonian Gods

How long should people languish in a state of confusion and make-believe before the facts concerning the ritual of Easter are revealed? My reincarnation and passage to a new life made it clear that heaven and hell are myths for power and control and they are at the root of terrorism.

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