Miracle Healing and Christian Deliverance


Miracle Healing and Christian Deliverance

During Jesus’ ministry, he touched the sick and healed them. He cured lepers, an epileptic boy, and even cured a deaf-mute man. Healings were offered to both believers and unbelievers. The Gospels brim with healing stories.

Jesus taught that the unclean spirit was cast out when the Kingdom of God was manifested. He also gave his disciples the authority to bind and cast out demons.

Today, people with a gift of healing can be found in many churches. But in the Middle Ages, many expected healing to be rare. Church leaders questioned whether such a gift was legitimate. They also restricted prayer for the sick.

In the Gospels, Jesus performed miracles, like casting out demons and raising the dead. The Church recognizes this as the origin of the sacrament of anointing of the sick. However, many people have been influenced by anti-Christian propaganda in the media.

Today, God’s people are asking for too little when it comes to spiritual gifts. Many Christians are no longer involved in the church because they no longer believe in Christ.

The Holy Spirit gives gifts in two categories: discernment of spirits and miracles. God gives charisms to help others build up the body of Christ. This includes a gift of discernment, a gift of miracles, and a gift of healing.

The most impressive healing miracle was the infilling of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit brings about a new life of freedom from the power of sin and pollution of sin.

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