Rosary Beads – Their Recent Rise in Popularity

Has your mother ever tried relentlessly to get you to pray the rosary? Well David Calvillo of McAllen, Texas used to have just that problem.

Faith – Its Importance to a Christian

Faith is the nucleus of Christianity; it is directly responsible for the step taken to accept the Lord Jesus Christ into our lives. It is the basis for which we trust God whom we have never seen with our eyes, and allow him to become the master of our lives.

The Reward For Obedience

No body loses anything by obeying the word of God; rather we have everything to gain by living in obedience to his instructions. When God gives an instruction he looks for someone who would carry it out and receive his blessings. Obey his word and see the benefits it would bring into your life.

Of Fathers and Super Apostles!

Paul speaks to the Galatians of the true revelation of the Gospel, and as He writes to them I write to you today, I have not been sent to please men but God, and to preach the blood of Jesus as the only way to Salvation, to preach Humility and submission to Christ, to preach the fruits of the spirit and compassion and hospitality and generosity and charity, and love. And to wake up in you a bold hunger for the salvation of the lost.

How to Avoid the Bible Hell

One old preacher said, “Most people live a guilty distance from God.” I think that was where I was. I wasn’t opposed to the Bible in theory or discussion, but I lived in opposition to its guiding doctrines. I was not a Christian and If my life depended on it, I wouldn’t know how to become one.

The Churches of Revelations – The Second Church – Smyrna

Every Christian belongs to one of the seven churches of Revelations. The Church of Smyrna (Revelations 2:8-11), is commended for being faithful.

Is That the Reason You Worship Him, Because He is Just God?

We are learning the reasons why we worship God and we find out that they are lot of them and today we are learning one more reason why we worship God. Man always looks for a reason why do I do this and what is the use of us doing this?

So, You Worship Because You Seek Revelation of Who He Is

Think about it. You worship God because you seek revelation. Is that wrong? We say NO.

How to Let God Work in Your Life

The teenage years can become a time of great stress and anxiety. Sometimes even parents, while having good intentions, can add to the stress. Once you graduate from high school, there are many decisions that need to be made. The ages of 18-28 according to James Dobson, Founder of Focus on the Family, are known as the critical decade.

How to Overcome Temptations

Temptation is one thing every child of God must face at one time or the other as long as he/she lives on this corrupt earth which is under the control of Satan. You should not let your mind be troubled because God has made provisions for you to overcome every trial that will come your way.

The Seven Churches of Revelation – An Overview

I am often concerned when I am told by people that no one can understand the book of Revelations. On the contrary God wants every child of God to know and understand his word.

Church Service Attendance – The Positive Effects

Many people who regularly attend church service at their local church do not realize quite what benefits and positive effects other than religious fulfillment they are reaping from it. Those who rarely or never go to church service because they choose to worship at home could be reaping many more benefits than they realize as well. There are many positive effects of going to church, including a sense of relaxation, belonging, and convenient networking.

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