Baby Number 7 Is On The Way

Is Free Will an Obstacle to the Creation of a Godly Paradise?

A life without free will would be robotic, but with free will, a godly paradise on earth is not possible. While god cannot provide it, humans can approach the perfect. How perfect and how long it will take depends on the people’s courage, vigilance, and sacrifices. With the advent of the computer and cell phone, everyone is connected. People, worldwide, can organize behind a common cause. We can produce a free and just world using peaceful struggle and protest: we can overcome.

The Universe Is Just There

An in-depth look at different opinions of the purpose of the universe and the purpose of man within the universe. Aren’t you curious to understand the meaning of our lives?

A Simple Cure For The Church Hospitality Blues

Are you singing the “church hospitality blues”? One powerful technique will have singing a new tune in no time at all! A bit of common sense, a bit of applied science and a simple exercise will have them humming. This article tells you how to get it done.

The Historicity of the Abrahamic Family of Religions

Often, the topic of religion and its historicity comes up in my presence either by casual conversation or by the direct question being asked of me. Furthermore, the focus usually pertains strictly to the Abrahamic family of religions, namely Judaism, Christianity and Islam. As a young person, I could not grasp the problem of evil and suffering and how the Hebrew Bible …

Cut and Paste Theology

The laziness of society has hijacked our desire to seek out the truth. Why do we prefer social media one liners as real knowledge instead of trying to discover it ourselves? Who thinks they can sum up a 2,000+ page book covering over 5,000 years of history in a sentence or two?

Now What?

The zeal with which the Christians addressed the political atmosphere over the last year seems to have been unparalleled in past elections. The pre-election zeal of Christians has become the post election standard of behavior. Instead of bringing healing to our land, the Believer continues to keep the wound of separation open.

The Sycamore, the Fig Tree and the Olive Branches

The Jewish nation is pictured in the bible not only as the beloved people of God. According to the various aspects of this people, various metaphores are used. Three of these we expound upon here.

God and the U.S. Marines

God is always faithful. But why does God put so much stock in your faith? In fact, it’s a matter of life or death. Learn why.

Sin Consciousness Can Hinder Our Walk With The Lord

I remember when I first got saved many years ago. I was so excited about my newly found faith that I wanted to do everything right but that did not happen and when I messed up, I would stop walking with the Lord but one day He called me by my name and said to me; Lizzie do not stop walking. Incidentally, when the Lord speaks your name, it is the sweetest sound you will ever hear. No one can say it the way He can because His words are totally filled with love. I was a new Christian and I was not aware of sin consciousness but since then I have learned that it can hinder our walk with the Lord because our focus will be on what we have done instead of what He has done for us.

Back to the Beginning

I invite you to today’s discussion and I believe the Lord will minister to you as you meditatively go through this post. Genesis I: 1-2 In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth And the earth was without FORM and VOID and DARKNESS covered the face of the waters. Nothing begins with perfection.

The Beauty Being Wrought Backstage

Sometimes it may seem as if nothing is happening in response to our prayers, but God’s word is performing its work backstage, moment by moment, day by day. And one day the curtain will rise in our lives and the lives of those we pray for, and we will see God’s brilliant handiwork.

Prayer for Hurting Humanity Everywhere

We live at a time when Apple gets all our money and Facebook gets all our time. It’s hard to compare the privilege of our time to the arduousness of a time not that long back. Yet with all its privilege – and our sense of unbridled entitlement – the prosperity gospel telling us we should all be blessed – we are staggered to find there is an unprecedented gap between those that have and those that have not. In a reversal of fortunes the blessed materially are never poorer spiritually.

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