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How to Be “Ruler Over All That He Has”

The richest promise in the Bible is for the final generation who understand the conditions in Luke 12:35-37,44. They are explained here.

Genesis Of Satan From Jinn Race: Satan’s Spell Continued In Humans

Realization of Divine goodness demands knowing the devilry of Satanism that opposes it. God guides humanity with the ‘root ideas’ – so that pertinent spirits of human enquiry may proceed in the direction of Truth.

I Prefer A Prophet To A Saviour – What’s Wrong With That?

Many people are very curious about the future and how events yet to unfold will change their lives. There is a large interest in what the prophets make of all this, but then, is it only the future we need to know about? Maybe we need to be rescued from a terrible future! What if wind and solar power, sociologists and genetic engineers, new religions and New Atheists, the Green movement and the United Nations cannot prevent the final disaster, perhaps we need a Saviour as well as a Prophet?

Giving to the Giver of Life

The truest, most faithful gift of all is, ironically, giving, for in giving we are blessed so much more abundantly than if we had received, alone. This is consistent with the facts of spiritual living; the phenomena known to peace for having let go. And when we let go of that which was never ours to begin with (we as mere stewards and custodians) we gain God, as the Spirit shows us our wisdom in meeting Divine Wisdom: obedience to the will of God.

From Mirrors to Windows

We all face problems and difficulties in life. It is how we respond to those situations that distinguishes our individuality. When we fail to see beyond ourselves, our progress in the Kingdom of God will be impeded.

Our Father – The Missing Words

Why “Our Father”? What is the significance of these words? What about these words would cause a person in prayer to reconsider the content of what they were offering before they even spoke the words?

Climbing The Mountain of Grace – Part 2

The book of Zechariah has much to say to us today for the prophet was sent to encourage and strengthen those commissioned to rebuild the temple of the Lord, especially the Governor Zerubbabel and the high priest Joshua. These two men had all but given up on the hope of ever rebuilding the temple. Just too much junk and rubble, too much division and complaining, too much self-seeking and jealousy, and too much opposition. Perhaps you too feel the same way about your life, your marriage, your job, or your ministry. If so, follow with me as we take a look at how God chose to revive a nation and especially two men regain their faith, excitement, and joy. Thus enabling them to return to the task the Lord had assigned them.

The Lord Has Proclaimed A New Season

To the degree that you give me glory and honor is the degree that you will defeat the enemies that have kept my Church in bondage these many years. Dear one, lift up your head and rejoice the season has changed and I am come to show myself strong on your behalf. It will be through a fresh understanding of my grace that I will accomplish and bring to pass this new season of blessing and victory over your enemies. Therefore pursue My grace! Yet, remember grace that is received but not given will not grow or abide. Grace like love can only grow to the degree that we give grace to others.

Burdens Carried for Those Unsaved

As Christians we ought to carry a burden for the unsaved, particularly our loved ones. But we must then also accept that convincing them is well beyond us. We can pray for them and we can accept our limitations. Like with so many things, we must trust God.

Tips For Preparing An Event You Are Planning

Whether you are thinking of planning an event for a business you are running or even a home-based event for family and friends, preparing ahead of time will allow you to enjoy yourself while also keeping your guests happy and entertained. Preparing for any type of event can be done by getting organized and focusing on the overall purpose of the event, regardless of whether it is purely for fun or if you are handling a business-related function.

Connecting With God Brings Abundance and Favor

Connecting with God will eliminate many problems from your life. That’s because you will not run around trying to figure out things for yourself.

Have You Left Your First Love?

What did Jesus mean when he said to the church at Ephesus, “You have left your first love?” When He warned them that they were in danger of having their lampstand removed, did He mean they could lose their salvation?

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