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Living in the Spirit and Overcoming the Myths That Pervade the World

The Spirit is the most powerful force and it is reclaiming its own who have been tricked and imprisoned by religious myths and teachings. My reincarnation saw me return with knowledge to explain where the myths come from and the commission to undo them.

The Two Olive Trees and the Two Candle Sticks With Power to Shut Heaven – Revelation 11:3-6

Their identity was kept secret so no one knew of the trap they built to catch the spiritual of God. We are at the end of days and the truth was promised for this time and is being delivered through Mt. Zion, promised for this time.

Eve Was the Beginning of the Tree of Life

Islam grew out of the roots of sun-worship and Mary is the name given to the sun-star that sits on the flag to this day. It robbed people of the truth and placed women in the subservient role to men who pride themselves as being made in the image of God. They have suffered the consequences of this ever since.

Spiritual Control of One’s Life

God knows everything we do, think, say and desire. Those of us who have a spiritual link also hear it speaking to us and acting as our guide.

Christian Roots in Islam

The two beasts of Revelation have been protected until their work was completed. They have set in train the things that will now destroy most of the world’s population. Only the spiritual children will be spared, according to the Old Testament.

God’s Treasure Was Buried by the Churches

The treasure of God is the truth that was buried by the religions that serve other agendas. It was determined that at the end of the day it would be unearthed and given back in such a way that the whole world will see it.

God Was Never on a Cross As The Spirit Cannot Be Killed

The Spirit of the Universe is enormous and only men of ignorance could conceive a plan that would murder God on a cross. There is absolutely no evidence of Jesus Christ except in the New Testament compiled and partly written by Jerome, the doctor of the Catholic Church.

History of Christianity Before the 1st CAD

Many think of Constantine as the first Christian emperor but the facts are he is labelled 666 in Revelation 13:13-18. His crime was to strengthen the wall that hides the truth and which was built by the first beast. It stands between God and the spiritual children of Israel.

God’s People Pray in Tongues and Enjoy Spiritual Power

Prayers written by men and said by rote are not from God. The Spirit uses tongues to listen to it’s people and for the power to flow through them to others.

Seeing is Believing, Or Is It?

So Peter and the other disciple started for the tomb. Both were running, but the other disciple outran Peter and reached the tomb first.

He Has Shown You

Powerful words received by man through the prophet Micah. I have heard, as I’m sure you have too, these words quoted in many lessons and discussions. They are simple and powerful.

How Easy Is It To Walk By Faith?

If you are going through difficult times please realize that you are not alone. The struggles, pain, and hardship that you face in life are not the result of a lack of faith as some might teach. In fact, when you look at the Scripture you find example after example of people of faith suffering and facing hardship. Take for example Jesus Himself.

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