How Can a True Christian Honor the Lord Jesus Christ – What Does the Bible Say?

There are a few verses in the New Testament (2 Peter 1:17, Revelation 5:12-13) which show us that the Lord Jesus Christ has been honored and glorified and shall yet be even more so when he returns to this earth, but what can we each personally do to honor him in the mean time? After thinking on this for some time, I found myself back in the book of Esther. Esther is a fascinating book with some quite wonderful characters in it.

Was The Universe Created by God? Creation Or the Big Bang Theory?

A subject of constant debate around the world today is whether or not there is a God that created us and everything around us. Many people are uncertain as to what to believe, and call themselves agnostics. Many people also claim to be atheist, believing that there is absolutely no God. The atheistic position is very inconsistent, however, because it based on the idea that because there is supposedly no visible or tangible evidence of a God, then one does not exist. The only problem with this is that if you yourself have not checked under every rock and behind every tree, then to say there is no God is pure opinion and belief. Therefore, the agnostic position is much more consistent than the atheistic position.

Children’s Church – Sermons on Sharing

Children’s church – or children’s sermon, the time during the service in which children are invited to the front for their own brief lesson – can be difficult to plan. It is important to keep the message simple and easy to understand, and it always helps if you can give the children something to remember the lesson by. These children’s sermons on sharing will teach the kids – and maybe the rest of the congregation – an important lesson in a fun, memorable way.

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