Believer or Disciple!? Learn the DIFFERENCE

God, His Prophets and Religions

The concept of religion is one of the most misunderstood concepts created by humanity. A religion was meant to enhance peace and harmony, in the society. Unfortunately, religions are one of the main causes of bloodshed, hatred and wars in the world. What has gone wrong with humanity? We human beings are proud of human civilization. We should be able to analyse our failures and take corrective actions. Why should we keep fighting and killing one another for the sake of supremacy in prosperity and power in the world? We have failed to understand the basics of any religion.

The Fig Tree, Revelation’s Last Message to the Seven Churches, and the Implication for Pastors

The fig tree in Matthew 21:19 represented the Jewish nation in the time of Christ, but could also represent America now. The message to the last church in Revelation is addressed to the preachers. America’s condition today may largely be the responsibility of a failed ministry.

The Two Beasts of Revelation Identified

The two beasts of Revelation have a monstrous grip on the world that will only be released when the truth is known. The Spirit is the only God and has now released the information to cause this to happen.

Valley of the Shadow of Death on the Dark Mountains of Religions

Religions are born of sun worship and the valley of death is in their shadow. The spiritual of God will know the truth when they escape and recognise the power within.

Masochism and Schizophrenia in Jewish and Christian Scriptures

Archeologists are inclined to believe that much of the Hebrew Scriptures is fiction, If it is fiction this article argues that there must have been two classes of fiction writers — one class invented spiritual triumphs for Israel, and the other (masochists) painted them as an absolute disgrace. The nation was schizophrenic. St Paul predicted much the same of Christians — many would be immoral and rebellious, and some commendable. Does that mean God mostly wasted His time with fickle humans? No! He is sorting people out. “Many are called but few are chosen”. And the Bible is not fiction.

What Is Deeper Worship?

Think about it, what makes worship, what is deeper worship. People are always asking that question basing their question on deep calls unto deep. At times we hear cliche statements like today it was deep worship, today the choir was deep, so what is this depth we are really talking of anyway.

The Sole Authority on Jesus Christ

The Sole authorities on Jesus Christ have created hypocritical inferiority and racial bankruptcy among the black clergy which I deem a criminal offense. This is basically caused by “academic patriotism” directed against those it confuses and corrupts in making them believe that academic degrees in what they call Religion and Theology are in themselves “Truth and Authority.”

What to Do When Life Overwhelms Us

We cannot wrap life into a neat package. It contains too many variables we can’t control. One of the greatest lessons we can learn in life is how to give God those things that are too big for us.

Challenges of Life (2)

Challenges of life call for re-dedication, rediscovery and retreating to your source; who must be the maker and keeper of all things – Jehovah. He was there before the challenge came, He is there now you’re going through it, and will also be there after the whole storm. They call Him the unchanging changer. He can change all situations, but nothing can change Him. He is the almighty and everlasting! Every challenge in this life is just an opportunity to return back to Him for His opinion and help. Yes, great, powerful and wise men will always return back to the greatest, the most powerful and the wisest. True!

Don’t Think It, Don’t Say It

Why is it so easy to accentuate the negative and so difficult to promote the positive? When we become negative and pessimistic, we are, in effect, rebelling against God.

All About Family

Family is important to all of us. Now and for eternity, family matters.

End of the World? Does Matthew 24 and a Blood Moon at Passover Forecast Jerusalem’s Destruction?

When Christ left the temple for the last time, He said sadly, “There shall not be left one stone on another.” The disciples thought that must be the end of the world, and asked the sign of it. The Savior mingled the signs for the end of the world with the destruction of Jerusalem and since some of the stones at the wailing wall have not been thrown down, we may see an event fit this prophecy soon.

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