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Miracles and Christianity


Miracles and Christianity

Christianity owes much of its growth to the miraculous. In the early church, people were healed by Jesus, who healed sick people and moved to different places to spread the word about his healing ministry. The miracles were not merely physical, but spiritual. The Holy Spirit empowered people to perform miracles and heal. In the early church, some people left everything to follow Jesus.

By the fourth century, the church had grown to over half a billion believers. However, healing had drifted to the margins after the conversion of Constantine in 312. The Edict of Milan declared toleration of Christianity, and the church shifted from being persecuted to being state sponsored. The number of believers doubled from five to thirty million, and many of the new converts were only nominal Christians. In some cases, they sought healing by practicing pagan rituals or seeking mystical spells.

The apostles followed Jesus in the faith, and he passed on some of his miraculous powers. These included the power to heal the sick and cast out demons. They were also empowered to raise the dead and cast out demons. It was these powers that led the apostles to be considered messengers of God.

The miracles of Jesus’ healing ministry also testify to his divinity and compassion.

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