Boy Set Free of Rage, Jealousy and Witchcraft

County Fairs and Christianity

It’s county fair season again! It’s the time of year that people identify themselves as citizens of a local community and gather to celebrate the bounty of the land. By the time you read this, the Idaho county fair will be in full swing here in Cottonwood.

Back Out of Joint?

Every Christian is important. Every Believer brings something to the mix; when one’s contribution is missing the whole body suffers.

Against the Knowledge of God!

We live in a physical realm in which we seem to rule, in which we seem to be in control of our lives, in which we seem to be masters of our domains. The reality is, there is a Spiritual world in which opposing forces are constantly battling for our lives, and we are no more than pawns in that war, pieces of a puzzle which have a specific place to fit in and which may or may not be used depending on our role.

Drawing on the Art of Telling Bible Stories For Children

Telling Bible stories for children is a worthwhile and rewarding endeavour. To be able to fasten Divine truth upon the impressionable minds and hearts of children with vivid realism is the desire of any Sunday school teacher.

Jesus Confirms the Divine Inspiration of the Bible

We are living in days when the truth’s of the Bible need to be clearly stated and emphasized to the upcoming generation. Such truths like the Divine inspiration of the scriptures are foundational to Christianity.

Take Notice

Some people call them ‘wayside pulpits’. To others, they are notice boards but, whatever, you call them, all churches have them – somewhere.

Religion Was Not Allowed in Hungary – Connecting the Dots

As a simple man, my realization, about how things work in our human world and how unique we are in this universe. This is about my discovery, while in-search for GOD. An unusual point of view but if you actually think about it, it could be true.

Lessons for Sunday School – Spark Your Students’ Creativity With Bible Activities

How do you get your children’s liturgy students interested in learning? Combine crafts with your Sunday school lessons!

When You Have the Finest Leader Anyone Could Wish For it is Wise to Listen to What He Says!

Important lessons learned and remembered can prevent much confusion and heartache. It can all depend upon how we react and respond to the teaching of the leader. This is what can happen when such leadership is forgotten or ignored, or in the heat of the emotional moment, overlooked. Study this most carefully. There are many, even within the visible physical church, who have a real problem believing that Jesus Christ is risen and alive. When you have met the risen living Jesus Christ, and when you are born again, that ought never again to be a problem. There will be other problems, but that one should certainly not bother you. If we do, fear and doubt and confusion and worse can wriggle their way in.

Sin, Deception, Chastisement and Shame

It is not that people are missing knowledge, but that they are holding onto ignorance. This is an important distinction in the light of Romans One.

Looking For the Right Baptism Gift?

Throughout this article I will be discussing why choosing the right baptism gift is essential. I will discuss pros and cons of whats good and bad for choosing the right gift.

Location – Places of Worship

Currently, in the NEWS there is much reportage about the disagreement going about the location of a mosque so close to ground zero. Yet, many people forget innocent Muslims died in the world trade center attack, American is the land of religious freedom/tolerance, and the real place of worship is not a church, synagogue or mosque but inside us. The following article tells the story of how I learned about the inner or real center of worship.

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