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The Purpose of Christian Missions – Seven Essential Tasks of Effective Christian Missions

There are many important responsibilities applicable to Christian missions. Yet, of all that can be listed, there are seven essential tasks that are most central. This article outlines and discusses the seven main purposes pertinent to Christian missions.

Bible Prophecy – Earthquake Initiates End Times Apocalypse – Understanding Revelation Means Survival

Bible prophecy shows that Revelation begins with an earthquake. It precedes the seals, trumpets and thunders of the apocalypse, encoded as a lion’s “roar,” Joel 3:16. To watch is protective, and there was only one night Israel was to stay awake, on the eve of Passover, with an important modification.

Bible Prophecy – Earthquake Initiates End Times Apocalypse – Understanding Revelation is Survival

Bible prophecy suggests earthquake initiates the end times apocalypse and understanding Revelation favors survival. The seals, trumpets and thunders follow an encoded earthquake as a lion’s “roar,” Joel 3:16. An earthquake ended the lukewarm church in Laodicea circa 63 AD. Type and antitype?

Will the Church Survive?

The Christian church has been around for over 2000 years and has been a incredible influence to the world and has changed countless lives for the better. But will it survive? There are many people who predict that the church at large is going to disband and finally come to a close. Others believe that the church, like children, go through phases. Again, I ask you, “Will the church survive?”

Christian Myth – You Have to Go to Church to Be a Good Christian

Let’s get to the place where everything we do is done in faith and springs from our relationship with our Father, not some tradition of pressure we feel. The First Century move of Christianity was pushed forward by individuals, empowered by God, operating in their individual gifts!

Anthropomorphism (An-throw-poe-more’-fiz-um) – What It? Is it Orthodox?

Anthropomorphism is a division of Theology that studies, believes and teaches that God possesses physical atΒ­tributes similar to those of man, such as hands, feet, eyes, arms, hair, legs, a head, hinder parts, etc. In this article we will examine this doctrine.

Divorce – To Have Faith and to Judge – Hypocrisy in Religion

People of faith that judge. Hypocrisy in religion. Judging those that are divorced.

Why We Celebrate Passover

Each Passover, Jews retell the story of the exodus from Egypt. This is a story of a people who emerged from slavery to freedom and from oppression to liberty. The Seder brims with imagery and metaphors. But what does this mean for us today? Can we identify with our three thousand year old ancestors?

The Christian Church’s Role in Crisis Preparedness

The economic turbulence associated with today’s market has spurred a revival in Great Depression Era survivalism. From cities to suburbs to mountain hideaways, Americans are turning to stockpiling and self-sufficiency in order to secure their future. And although Christian prophecies have inspired Christians to make up a large cross section of the survivalist movement, the church has been largely silent in regard to this growing tendency. So just what is the church’s role in crisis preparedness?

How to Capture Memorable Religious Christening Videos

Christening is an important occasion meant to baptize a young member in the family. Needless to say, christening corresponds to a very important moment in the life of every Christian individual.

Handling Stress

You think you’re going through a stressful situation? Compare it to what Jesus went through when He went to the Garden of Gethsemane to pray just prior to being arrested by an illegal mob. He knew that in about twelve hours, He was going to be nailed to a cross and in eighteen hours, He was going to be dead. How much stress did that bring on Him? How did He deal with it? How can that help you deal with the stress in your life?

How to Pray

Christ prayed alone, leaving behind even his nearest three. Jesus also taught that “when you pray you are to pray in secret so that the Father who seeth in secret shall reward you openly”. Family prayers, prayers in Church and in prayer meetings are also essential in worship; but these are collective prayers and meant for a congregation. But when it comes to private prayer, when you want a personal communication with God, praying all alone is the most effective way.

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