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Top Four Unique Differences of an Amish Community

Other than the Pole barns and barn doors they build, Amish communities live very different lives than most of the general population of America. They live a much more simple existence as compared to mainstream USA where iPods, computers and fast food restaurants are a way of life. The main four differences that separate the Amish from most people are their choice of dress, form of transportation, lack of technology and their use of alternative forms of energy sources. These four factors are not just little things that make them different. They are defining ways of life that allows the Amish population to live and thrive in a society where basics, family and farming are the focus.

A Comprehensive Study on Interpreting Scripture – Part II

Textual criticism was used to determine the dating, authorship, and the quality of the texts. They usually emphasized literal interpretation as the primary means of finding the essential meaning and translated the Bible directly and developed a tradition of private judgment.

Rosary Favors

Although a standard rosary is a necklace consisting of a crucifix, one large bead, three smaller beads, and then five sets of one large bead and ten small beads each, many people choose to have smaller versions of the prayer beads. Young children can be given their own personal rosary to keep for themselves, which may aid in giving the prayers meaning

Hungry For More and Getting Less?

Are you hungry for more, and getting less? No matter what or how much you eat, experience, or strive for will ever suffice. There will continue to be a big empty hole that constantly demands to be filled.

Write Letters to Your Religious Leaders

I would like to suggest this to anyone who belongs to a large religious organization, write their religious leaders and asked them questions about their religion. If you have any doubts about your religion, a nice letter with a self-addressed stamped envelope, could provide you with the answer that you are seeking.

Christian Excuses When God Doesn’t Help

If you’re like me, you’ve asked God for things and haven’t received them. Here’s how I look at it, I’m simply asking for something, if I don’t receive it, I try to put a little more effort into it and figure out, how I can acquire the things that I’m asking for and stay at it.

The Faith in Christianity

I don’t have any problems, with people telling me about things that actually work. Things that I can wrap my hands around, things that I can make sense out of and things that are supported by satisfactory scientific evidence. If I was to roll a rubber ball down a small hill and the ball didn’t roll back it up, but instead sat there at the bottom of the hill, when it was done rolling. I could probably create something tangible out of this event. If anyone was to ever question the fact that my ball rolled down the hill, I would simply take them to the hill, grab my ball and roll it down the hill.

Oprah Winfrey and Christianity

We need to keep something in mind here, Oprah Winfrey is just a person like us, she overcame tougher obstacles than most in her life and became a multi-billionaire. This could have happened to anyone, but it happened to her and she probably deserves every thing that she has been given by her creator.

The Ultimate Decision Should Be God’s

I can’t remember the last time that God came down to earth and told us what we should do. According to the Old Testament, God talked to Moses, Abraham, Noah, Adam and Eve, when they were having problems, but doesn’t seem to care about all the problems that were having today.

Anyone Can Preach, Few Can Tell the Difference

He stated a couple of things about Christianity and he definitely knew what he was talking about. The man seemed very intelligent and he kept getting plenty of Amens from his audience. He was a very charismatic person, who seemed to deliver a pretty good message about Christianity.

Doing Research in the Name of God

If you’re going to be doing research in the name of God, then for God’s sake, make sure that you do it. Don’t get started and then stop, don’t get sidetracked and then slow down, make up your mind and do it. Where do I start? It’s simple, if you’re a Muslim, look into the history of Islam. The most important thing about your religion, is doing research in the name of God, to find the truth about God.

A Brief History of Traditional Witchcraft

The subject of Witchcraft has fascinated people for literally thousands of years. For the first one thousand years of Christianity, the “new” religion of those times, traditional witchcraft existed happily alongside it. In fact, many of the early Christian priests served double duty, also being priests of the Old Religion and leaders of the Pagan worshipers.

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