Lookin’ for Love in All the Wrong Places

The Bible says that God is Love (1 John 4:7,8)! God is not to Love as apple pie is to good. God is to love as apple pie is to apple pie… God IS Love! I can tell you that apple pie is good, but you will never know for yourself until you get some apple pie inside of you. Likewise you will never know just how good God is until He dwells inside of you (Acts 2:4).

The Main Beliefs of Hinduism

Hinduism is the world’s third largest religion. Despite its popularity, the fundamental beliefs are not known by many outsiders due to its expansive history and intricacies.

J. C. Ryle’s 4 Ways to a Right Christ Heart

Devotion to Christ is the disciple’s account of responsibility. Of all the tasks of the Christian life, taking up our crosses and following Jesus is most fundamental. Such devotedness is the platform behind the energy for worship, our love to invest in fellowship, the desire for spiritual growth in God, the motivation to engage in ministry, and the inspiration for evangelistic activism. If devotion is what we are called to, we must know devotion begins in the heart.

A Statement of Prophecy That Was Not Intended To Be a Prophecy

When I used to attend Bible classes at my former local church, I always enjoyed listening to this particular Bible instructor. He is one of the persons that stimulated my interest in Bible prophecy and helped me to appreciate the word the way I do today. I will always remember his definition of prophecy and history which he routinely repeats during his prophecy lectures.

A Never-Ending Hell Has Become Intolerable – Time To Change It?

No-one enjoys thinking about hell. Considered as a subject for serious reflection, in a biblical context, it stirs the deepest thoughts of anguish and concern for the many who remain strangers to the saving grace of God. A deep revulsion of hell has spurred calls for urgent in-depth review, some of which has led to the belief of Conditional Immortality, which many now see as part of a wider, inclusive evangelicalism. Can this belief be sustained from Scripture, our final court of appeal – and is hell more tolerable than we once thought?

The Secret of Spiritual Strength

The greatest privilege known in the human life is to know God. That is the essence of true spirituality; and the halcyon experience is the strength of integrity to know our place in life, as well as to know God’s place in life. Getting these two perspectives absolutely right requires a deep sense of humility and a loathing for one’s own selfishness, conceitedness, partiality, etc. To see truthfully, that’s our aim.

Really Seeing the World Around You

Unless we are blind and deaf, we have the capacity to see and hear. Or do we?

How To Get Right With God – At No Cost!

There has to be a catch! It’s just too phoney to be true; everyone pays for big deals and you can’t get bigger than this one. If that is how you think, this article may help you with a summary of the biblical teaching on justification by faith. I am convinced the subject is bang up-to-date, fresh and relevant. Here are some reasons that I hope shed some light on the issue for you.

Does God Get What God Wants?

“Does God get what God wants?” Has been a famous question of many Universalists. It has it’s roots in 1 Timothy 2:4, where Paul tells Timothy that God wishes all men to come to the knowledge of truth. The context of this statement by Paul, though, is often times ignored; it is this articles intent, therefore, to expound somewhat on the context of 1 Timothy 2:4.

Are You Curious To Know If There’s Really A God?

Is there really a God or is “God” the outdated notion of a naive and simpler people? Is the world as we know it really all there is? Is it possible that we have been placed here on earth for a specific purpose? If you’ve ever been curious to know the answers to these questions I urge you to learn more.

Who Really Rules This Nation?

When it comes to Christians and politics, scripture cuts through all gray areas to establish who really rules. Submitting to elected officials can be difficult when they don’t adhere to biblical values, but when believers are clear on who puts governing authorities in place, it becomes entirely possible.

He Won’t Let You Down

Just yesterday I was reading a real life story of a man who left his wife and daughter behind, seeking to better his fortune in Europe. Little did the woman know: that she would not see the man for the next ten years. Within those ten years he barely made comprehensible contact with his wife and daughter. He also managed to sire two children within this period with another woman abroad.

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