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The History of Christianity


The History of Christianity

What is the history of Christianity? Throughout history, religions have grown in number and influence, but there is one constant: Christians are the minority. Whether you follow Christianity or not, there are many misconceptions about it. Those misconceptions make it difficult to reach a wide range of people. Here is a brief history of the history of Christianity. To understand it better, consider the following facts. Christianity is based on the teachings of Jesus.

The apostles Philip and Paul performed healings and exorcisms. During the ministry of Jesus, he touched and healed many people. The same is true today, through the sacraments. In the Eucharist, Jesus Christ remains present in the bread, giving eternal life to those who receive it. In both of these ways, the healing power of the sacrament manifests itself in a very unique way.

Despite the challenges, indigenous Africans welcomed Christianity and read the Scriptures. They believed that God had power and worked miracles in the world. Their experiences of miracles attest to the presence of God. In addition, stories of Jesus visions lead to conversions, protection from attacks, and deliverance from danger. Despite the obstacles and opposition of missionaries, indigenous African churches became the first Christian movements in Africa. In some ways, African initiated churches were the precursors of the Pentecostal movements we see today.

Christians believe that Jesus passed on power in two categories: healing and exorcism. Jesus performed miracles in public and revealed his power to raise people from death. In the gospel accounts, Jesus healed people physically. In contrast, the apostles did not perform miracles. During his public ministry, Jesus was primarily concerned with raising the dead and saving their souls. Hence, we must consider the nature of Jesus’ miracles and the role of the apostles in the history of Christianity.

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