God: The Greatest Contradiction of the Universe

There seems to be no contradiction greater than God. All descriptions and attributes of God seem to be so wrong that the opposite seems to be truer.

Calling To Jesus, Who Comes Near

The Glory of the Lord came near in the person of Jesus Christ – God incarnate (God-in-skin) – to live as we live, to suffer as we suffer (and then some!), and to die as we die. But such a death not many of us are called to suffer; indeed, any? Jesus came near two centuries ago, and Jesus comes near, today, this present moment, in the form of the Holy Spirit. Jesus is the living Word. And what does this matter? It matters because we matter to Jesus.

Our Cross and Our Discipline

Is there any collaboration between the words “discipline” and “disciple”? The disciple is disciplined in following their master. If we are a disciple of Jesus we take up our cross, for such a disciple truly has chosen to pick up their cross daily (see Matthew 10:38; Mark 8:34; Luke 9:23; Luke 14:27). Taking up our cross is hinged to discipline; every right and moral kind to the aversion of sin, for sin (and folly) will lead to regret and disappointment.

Isaiah 53 – The Prophecy of the Suffering Servant (Jesus Christ)

Christmas time seems awkwardly poised in considering Isaiah’s suffering servant: our Jesus Christ. But there are reminders in this ancient text of the humility with which the babe in the manger came and developed as a boy and into a young man… Surely Christmas and Easter fit together: the beginning and the end. The Alpha and the Omega of Jesus’ life call forth recognition of the same magnanimous fact: humankind’s restoration to fellowship with the Father.

When Dreams Come True

I don’t know about you, but I want all that the Lord has for me. I have learned that anything the Lord has for us is valuable beyond comprehension, and although I have experienced the power and anointing of the Holy Spirit, I desired with all my heart to walk in what He called “the second half of Pentecost”. Since that time, the Lord has graced me with a deep understanding of what it means to prophesy for him as well as to be taught through the ministry of dreams and visions

Yet Another Humanitarian Project? [Part 6] No Such Thing As Bad Luck

The damning thing about our collective belief in random and fatalistic good/bad luck is that it absolutely strips us of any personal responsibility, which could explain why we choose to hold on to that belief as actively as a baby to her mother’s breast. To accomplish great things, we must dream as well as act – individually and collectively – quietly, in the moment, one moment at a time, from the inside-out, starting with what should be simplest to manage – our heartfelt energies. Sir Isaac Newton did state in his Third Law of motion that…

Balancing Solitude With Serving

Jesus sought his solitude. And we are to do the same. The difficulty comes in knowing when and how to balance solitude with comparative busyness for the Kingdom, for the more useful we have become in the Kingdom, the more we will be caught betwixt and between the great pressures of life.

2013 And the Unity of the Church

Do you think the Lord could have established His nation through one tribe? Of course He could,but He chose not to. No, we wanted twelve unique and diverse tribes to make up His nation called Israel. So then why did the Lord use different tribes to establish this most important principle? Perhaps it was to teach us the greatness of His creative diversity?

How to Delight in the Lord and Receive the Desires of Your Heart

There are many voices in the world today. One of them tells you that you have to settle for less — that you can’t ever have what you truly want in life.

Having a Christian Perspective On Life

Our sociological perspective, or our outlook on life, is made up of a complex methodological structure in which we live. This outlook is developed by the way we were raised, our surroundings, experiences, culture, and teachings. This process starts at the time we are born and does not stop until we die.

Walk Of Faith: Knowing That We Are Seated Together With Christ In Heavenly Places

Ephesians 1:20 read He raised Him from the dead and seated Him at His right hand in the heavenly places. When Jesus disarmed Satan, the work was finished so God raised Him up and sat Him down at His right hand because everything was completed.

How Many Wise Men Found Jesus?

Many people have heard the story of the wise men from the East who followed a star and came to where the infant Jesus was with Mary his mother. But I wonder why are they called ‘wise men’ – was it their wisdom that led them to Jesus; were there only three or twelve as different traditions has it, and what is there in this story for you and me?

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