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Miracle Healing in Christianity


Miracle Healing in Christianity

According to biblical doctrine, the person is composed of body and soul. Christ came to save human beings from their sins and raise their bodies and souls to heaven. The gospel writers report that Christ performed miracles and cast out demons. These stories have been widely interpreted as proving Christ’s power over evil.

The Christian faith was initially controversial. The church’s leaders questioned the legitimacy of seeking healing, and some committed Christians sacrificed their physical health in order to practice their faith. But, as Christianity became more common, healing practices were allowed. In 312, Constantine converted and the Edict of Milan decreed the toleration of Christianity. As a result, the church’s membership grew from five million to thirty million. However, most of these new converts were only nominal Christians who were drawn to Christianity by gifts and higher status jobs.

In the nineteenth century, Protestants experienced a revival of faith, spreading throughout the world. Missionaries were sent to all continents. Many reported experiencing “new birth” experiences in which they were cleansed from sin, as well as “second blessings” – the infilling of the Holy Spirit. These experiences led to freedom from sin and the power of the devil. Some even believed they had been freed from sickness.

The apostles also performed many miracles. Many of these miracles were recorded in the New Testament. Stephen performed a great miracle in Acts 16:16-18, while Paul performed extraordinary miracles in Ephesus. In Acts 13:6-12, God blinded a sorcerer for Paul. Miracles were also a common part of the ministry of Moses, Elijah, and Elisha.

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