Can a Christian Lose Their Salvation

The Coming Wrath

Have you always wondered how destruction is going to come upon the world and whether you are on the right side? This will give you a good overview of what is coming and how you can fit in safely. You will find out more about God and how He has planned to give you a safe everlasting end.

Definitional Witchcraft – The Church is Using “Word Magic” to Justify What God Hates!

Words are containers for power, and when released cause things to happen. Words can “Curse” others or “Bless” them BUT whenever people “Redefine” the already defined; they mask motives and intent behind words that now have a “second meaning” from the meaning we all “assume” they mean.

The Danger of Religious Myths

If simply following the laws laid down by a religious organisation could ensure an eternal paradise in the after-life then it would be better than winning the lottery and having all your physical cares taken care of. But people are addicted to buying tickets in things they can never win simply because occasionally someone does and the publicity and dreams sets their own imagination into overdrive.

Questioning Christianity – Why, If God is a God of Love, is There Evil in the World?

Atheists may say that they can refuse to play “the game” that we say God has designed for us all. The game that He has designed, however, is that of Life and death. If you are alive, you are already in that game, like it or not.

Principles of the Doctrine of Christ – The First Witness – Baptism in the Holy Ghost

Have you ever been a witness to some event? Have you seen an accident you had to describe to a police officer? Maybe you witnessed a marriage certificate, or some legal document.

Portraits of Birth Control

Dana and her husband have four kids, and are expecting another one soon. And they could not be happier.

Have You Ever Thought About a DMin Degree?

Despite all the education required to become a pastor, most pastors are committed to life-long learning. Many seminaries offer the DMin degree program for the working pastor who cares about excellence in ministry. However, the cost of an advanced degree program prevents pastors from enrolling in a DMin program. What can be done to make the DMin more affordable for the average clergy?

Does Your Church Have a Clergy Sabbatical Policy?

A growing number of congregations recognize that something must be done to keep their pastors healthy and effective. Clergy ‘burnout’ has become rampant.

Using Time to Prove the Existence of God

I want to share one of my favorite ways to argue for the existence of God. This argument uses the passage of time to demonstrate that a purely naturally occurring eternal universe is not logical.

Choose the Right Path to Head Towards God’s Kingdom

Church is a place where you can learn new things and enrich yourself with new knowledge and information. You can also help others by sharing your own beliefs and values of life.

How to Be Faithful in Marriage

It is amazing how mankind has advance to the point that we are able to split an atom, put a man on the moon, and can hold a live conference anywhere in the world at the same time, but can’t be civil to our spouses. Of course that is not the case in every home, but in this rapid changing society loyalty it is a rare commodity in many of them.

My Source of Idolatry!

Let us have peace with God, that peace will abound in us, Let us find fulfillment and satisfaction in this present life in the walk with the light, by just willing to be near him and gaining understanding of his principals and the outpouring of His grace in us, through Christ Jesus, let us grab a hold of this wonderful gift of righteousness, which has been given freely to us, and through which we can attained the blessed hope, the understanding of salvation, the eternal peace of God, In the here and now and forever. Many will read these words…

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