Can Christians Smoke Weed?

Warning to the Prophets

What is causing the discouragement of the Prophets? I have been privileged to work with a number of these very gifted people for the last 23 years. I love this ministry of the Lord Jesus and rejoice in this gift and it’s grace. I also believe the Lord has given me some insight into particular snares that are common to the prophetic. This article contains some of the pitfalls to be avoided by those in prophetic ministry.

Early Christianity

The very early “Christians” could be considered to have been the twelve apostles of Jesus. Jesus trained them to be “fishers of men,” and their background was apparently Judaic, as was the religious upbringing of Jesus.

Is Allah the Enforcer?

It is interesting how God’s mercy and justice are administered. In regard to Israel (the Ten Northern Tribes), and the House of Judah (Jews), how might God administer the punishment if they refuse to return to Torah and walk the path of laws, statutes, and commands that He spelled out for them?

Can a Good Catholic Be Wealthy? Part I of IV – The Concept of Stewardship

In this 4-part series, I will attempt to justify investing for Catholics or why the term “Catholic investor” is not an oxymoron. When I say “investing”, I’m mostly referring to investing in stocks. I don’t know about you, but when I speak to almost any devout Catholic, he/she will automatically associate buying stocks with risky, unresponsible, and even, sinful behaviour (much like bringing your life savings to Vegas).

Chosen Fast

Depending upon who ask, fasting has varying degrees of benefit. There is One who has chosen a fast that provides eternal benefits.

Divine Revelation

How do I, how do you, how do we receive Divine Revelation? How do we react when it is presented to us? Let’s look for a moment to my first question. It seems God uses many different means by which to reveal Himself to us.

How to Stay Connected to Your SOURCE (2)

In the last edition, we started exploring how to stay connected with your SOURCE once you’ve discovered Him. I listed seven conditions that must be satisfied for this connection to be effected.

Blessed Anna Maria Taigi and False Prophets

Accounts of Anna Maria Taigi and false prophets. A religious, known for his sanctity, believed that he had had a vision of two Angels who assured him his ambitious project was of Divine origin and would bear much fruit. When he told this to Anna Maria, she smiled sadly and gently informed him it would fail miserably. It did!

Covenant Theology – How Does This Major Christian Movement Differ From Orthodox Christianity?

But if the Covenant of Redemption is made between the members of the Holy Trinity, the Covenant of Grace is made between God and man. It promises forgiveness and eternal life through Christ to all who will believe. But, In Covenant Theology doctrine, none can believe without special grace; so it is really more accurate to say that the Covenant of Grace is made between God and the Elect.

Surya Shasthi Puja – The Worship of Sun God

“Surya Shasthi Puja” (also known as Chhath) comes after “Deepavali” on “Kartik Shukla Paksha Shasthi” which coincides with October- November. “Chhath Puja” will be performed on 24th October 2009 (in the current year). “Chhath” is celebrated twice in a year “Kartik Chhath” is more important because fasting is easy in this month. The second occasion comes in the summer season in March- April which is called “Chaiti Chhath”. Waterless fasting is difficult in the summer season.

Ethics and Religion – Understanding the Link Which Spurs Terrorism

The failure to understand the mind of the Jihadist is due in large measure to a failure to understand this link between ethics and religion. The Jihadist believes that Allah commands humans to act a certain way and refrain from acting in other ways.

Heaven? Multi Cultural Ministry!

I think that if we were to ask what Jesus thinks about us being a multi-cultural ministry he would say “look at what heaven is going to look like!” We can look at that passage in Revelation and say “Jesus thinks what we are trying to do is good.” But maybe that is too simple of an answer.

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