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Miracle Healing in Christianity


Miracle Healing in Christianity

Several authors on Christianity have written extensively on this topic. Many of them have incorporated the teachings of Jesus into their own writings. Some have argued that the apostles never performed miracles, such as feeding 5,000 people or walking on water. The apostles were given only the power to heal the sick and raise the dead, which demonstrated their divinity and pointed to them as messengers of God. Others, however, have questioned the credibility of their claims, and they question the existence of the miracles as the basis of Christianity.

Regardless of the arguments for and against their own doctrine, Christian activists are increasingly turning to religious extremism. “The Response,” a massive prayer rally to launch presidential campaigns, is a perfect example of this. It is organized by charismatic wing leaders including Jim Garlow (who led the California anti-marriage equality Proposition Eight campaign) and Alice Patterson. It has featured a prophetess named Cindy Jacobs, who is considered one of the leading figures in territorial spiritual warfare.

The African cosmology, which is grounded in cause and effect, aims to examine the causes of illness, misfortune, and self in relation to their spiritual meaning. This approach is consistent with the belief that no life event is random and that every event has spiritual meaning. A famous example of this is the case of a blind man whose disciples probed for a causal factor and who Jesus replied: neither his parents. Similarly, the African Christians have mastered the art of appropriating Jesus’ promise.

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