Can You GENUINELY Accept Jesus Without DELIVERANCE???

How to Have Unmerited and Unlimited Favor From God

Unmerited Favor is a book that will show you how God really feels about you and all the blessings God has in store for you. It will show you how to access all the blessings God has in store for you.

Evolution Versus Intelligent Design – Should We Care?

As revealed in the documentary film (available in DVD format), “Expelled—No Intelligence Allowed”, the proponents of evolution theory are extremely heavy-handed regarding any other possible thinking on the subject. (If they had had direct access to Darwin himself, they surely would have even prevented him from reconsidering his own views–which, by the way, he did.) What is so scary about debating various possibilities?

What God Wants From Us

When it comes to serving God, exceptional ability is not required. But there is something He needs from us. Find out in this article.

Roman Emperor Constantine and the Religion He Established

So many of today’s population have the opportunity to go back into history and check out the facts about religion that it is amazing that it survives. From scientists who were silenced by it to books that were burned or banned to the many millions who have died over the centuries because of religious convictions surely now we can take a harder look at just what it is about. Why does it survive and why are religious organisations so wealthy?

A Return to Honor

“Honor, duty, country.” That’s the motto of the United States Military Academy at West Point. But it’s more than a motto, it’s steeped in the culture of this renowned school. And the results? A place that is otherworldly, set apart particularly because of the daily practice of honor in everything they do.

Church Bulletins – Christmas Is Not the Only Time to Get Customized Bulletins

Many Christians don’t realize everything that goes into planning a church service, and this includes church bulletins. The church worship team has to practice the songs they are going to sing.

Misogyny and the Haredi Community

Praying for centuries the morning prayer “shelo asani isha,” a sure recipe for subliminal brainwashing, tucking women away behind an almost impervious wall for services, dictating the nature of their clothing, and their head covering is the potent ingredients for applied kanaus. The majority of haredim who were offended by the actions of the zealots over the past few weeks were surprisingly offended to see the fruit of their labor. It isn’t clear that their rejection of kana-us was principled or that they wished to distance themselves from a politically unpopular position. Once they saw and felt the swift, sharp backlash they may have realized that their time hadn’t yet arrived.

Are Jesus And The Crucifix Still Relevant In Today’s World?

With the advent of the information explosion in today’s world, is it considered modern to follow the words of a text that is over two thousand years old? The words might be old but the message is as fresh as ever.

Do You Believe In Purgatory?

In the Catholic Church, the Mystical Body of Christ consists of three Churches: The Church Militant – we the faithful who dwell on earth, The Church Triumphant – the elect who are in the presence of the Beatific Vision in Heaven, and The Church Suffering – those who are no less members of the Body but who are in Purgatory. We want to talk of Purgatory, The Church Suffering. Those souls who dwell in Purgatory are more privileged than those who dwell on earth, in that they are assured…

Nations in Alignment With Israel?

The recent movement toward Israel by such nations as Greece, Jordan, and India may signal a significant trend. See in this article how this trend could align with end-times Bible prophecy, particularly with a coming treaty with Israel that will start the clock ticking on the final seven years leading to the return of Christ.

The Unjust Rewards of Heaven

Many things we will never understand about God, life, and faith – particularly in the realm of suffering and injustice in this world. One thing we should always trust, however, is the promise of incomprehensible reward at the believer’s final destination: Heaven – splendour one hundredfold more than we can imagine. In comparison with what is asked of us, via our faith, those heavenly rewards are unjust to the side of God. We get far more than we deserve.

7 Great Evils Your Pastors Never Told You About Church History

Amongst all the religious bodies in the world, Christianity absolutely does stand out. It stands out scientifically, historically, physically and in every other social way. Membership of this religion is more than a quarter of the world’s entire population (over two billion people profess Christianity as their official religion), but the majority of Christians baptized into the religion do not even regularly attend Church services.

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