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Way to God

According to Jesus’ teachings, there is a way for us to find God, and it doesn’t matter what religious name we carry. There is only one way to reach a oneness with Creator, our heavenly Father.

Islam Prophet Adam

Hazrat Adam was the first man and Prophet of Allah. The Holy Quran tells us that he was created from dust (Imran, 3:58), was granted inspiration (Hijr, 1:28) and he was created to rule on Earth (Baqara, 2:30).

Great Helpful Tips For Church Marketing

In recent years, churches have accepted the need to sponsor themselves in our spirited world. This is because they have to preserve an edifice and a support as well. They need to magnetize more church goers in order to prop up themselves. Nowadays, there a lot of things that people can do other than placing on their Sunday top and leaving for church.

Peeling Back the Onion – Understanding the ‘God’ Concept

The real truth has been altered and massaged to suit those who held the true record under their control. Their reason for doing so is that once they had discovered the power behind the keys of knowledge, they would then keep the source of the power to themselves, thereby guaranteeing their position as the mediator of the power.

How Christianity Plays to Society

Religion has become a major social climate in almost every nation and to any society in general. It can dictate the weather of the lives of the people and can freely influence their decisions. No matter whom we are or what we do, as long as we have religious affiliations we could not deny the fact that the very structure of it can rule our lives.

The Purpose of the Proverbs of Solomon Proverbs 1:1-3

Solomon introduces us to the reason for the words that he is going to share with us in the book. I hope this will be the first of hundreds of articles.

Avatar – Concept of Avatar in Hinduism (Manifest God) – Does it Hold Good?

From times immemorial it has been a standard practice in Hinduism to accept the existence of Avatar. But who is an Avatar… is Avatar manifest God himself or a human being who assumes significant spiritual powers that the humanity starts considering one an Avatar.

Jesus Christ – One Can Reach God Only Through Him – Is This Statement Correct?

Catch the express or the super fast bullet train. If we are able to reach our goal the purpose is served. Talk of Jesus Christ, Mahavira, Gautama Buddha or Prophet Mohammed… all reached the goal they had established in their life. The goal of all (including Jesus Christ) was the same… only the paths were different.

Is God the Only One Laughing? Science Versus Religion

Let’s face it, most of us run around in different directions on a daily basis, and when someone starts to question our religious beliefs, we look at them as foolish and usually walk away, irritated. Have you ever thought, that God might be up in heaven, finding great amusement at our ignorant behaviors?

Tell Me Why You Truly Believe in God

Have you ever gave this question much thought,” Why do you truly believe in God?” Is he the person that you often rely on to get you out of trouble or is he the one that created the world and there will never be enough gratitude in your heart to even be able to thank him.

Taking the 7:30 Train to Heaven – Something to Think About on Your Christian Journey

Forget about the 11th hour, you need to make sure that you’re on the 7:30 train to heaven. Make sure that you’re one of the first to arrive, in this wonderful land of bliss. The only problem is, is there going to be enough room for you on the train and once the train actually arrives, is there going to be enough room for everyone else.

The Heart of the Gospel

Many Christians freeze up when they hear the word “evangelism.” They say things like, “I can’t share my faith!” “I don’t know what to say!” But in fact, it’s not complicated at all. It begins and ends with a Person … the Person who is at the heart of the gospel and the core of our faith: Jesus Christ.

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