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The Difference Between Christianity and Magic

Christians are generally not supposed to perform miracles, and professing ministers of Christ do not. The Bible says that Satan blinded the vast majority of mankind and is now deceiving the whole world. Satan will be cast into the bottomless pit when Christ returns. So, how do you tell the difference between Christianity and magic? There are two main ways. First, the Bible tells us that the Devil is the serpent of old. In other words, if you see someone in the flesh, they aren’t likely to have faith in Jesus.

Second, baptism is an important part of Christianity. Christians are commanded by Christ to preach the gospel to all creation. They are expected to cast out demons, speak in new tongues, take up serpents, and avoid death. Additionally, believers will lay hands on the sick and they will recover. If you are a believer, it is very likely that you’ll be able to do all of these things. In fact, Jesus himself instructed his followers to perform miracles.

Secondly, divine healing is a key sign of a true church of God. During the ministry of Jesus, the original Apostles, and “seventy others,” divine healing occurred. And, as the apostle Paul traveled throughout the Gentile world, he often performed miracles. According to Acts 14, a crippled man who had faith to be healed leaped and walked. The healing of the paralyzed man was a part of the ministry of the Apostles.

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