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If Christianity Is True, Why Don’t More People Believe?

Just why don’t more people believe in Christianity? Yes, it’s a good question. And we must try to offer a clear reply. The purpose of this article, then, is to examine the question ‘If Christianity is true and “Christian evidences” really stack up, why don’t more people believe it?’

How to Visit a Friend Who Has Been Absent From Church

People go through stages in life. Sometimes they are more active in church than other times. When a friend has been absent for a while, a kind visit can help them feel cared for and facilitate their return to church.

Can a Christian Sin?

Christians must let God take control over every aspect of their lives after accepting Jesus as their savior. The blood of Jesus will cleanse our sins away if we sincerely confess and repent. You can ask God to help us if you don’t have the strengthen to overcome your bad habit.

Can Christians and Non Christians Be Lifetime Partners?

Christians should not date non believers. This is because the non believing partner can corrupt them and turn them away from Christ.

The Bible Is Not a Public Policy Manual!

My pastor and I have a friendly tiff going on. He says that Jesus was strictly a-political; therefore Christians should abstain from politics completely. I say that Jesus challenged violent, poverty-inducing, socio-political structures throughout his life and ministry; therefore Christians have a duty to advocate for peace and to speak out for the poor and the oppressed.

God Is Pro-Peace

On Jan. 31, 2004, World Net Daily published an article written by (the now late) Jerry Falwell under the headline: "GOD IS PRO-WAR." While the article was intended to rally support for President Bush and the invasion of Iraq, for many readers it left the indelible impression that evangelicals are uber-nationalistic war mongers.

Why I Love Christian Yoga

Many Christians see yoga as an obstruction to Christianity. I see it as an enhancement. Like meditation, Christ-centered yoga acts as a chasm or tunnel that ushers me into the deeper chambers (the presence) of God.

Can Christians Practice Yoga?

Christians should not do Yoga exercises because it has root to Hindu. It is based on a philosophy that we can achieve spiritual insight and be one with the Hindu concept of divinity.

Can Christians Undergo Cosmetic Surgery?

Undergoing cosmetic surgery for vanity reason is a sin. Christians should put God first in their lives instead of vanity.

How to Really Enter the Promised Land

Have you ever wondered why Moses couldn’t enter the Promised Land? The Bible states that he was the meekest man on earth and faithful in ALL God’s house. But Moses makes one mistake by striking the rock instead of speaking to it and God takes away the prize of the Promised Land. Moses is instead condemned to die in the desert with good health! Hmm…seems a little extreme, doesn’t it? Isn’t God a little more compassionate than that? Couldn’t God forgive him and let him in? On the surface, this Biblical story seems too harsh. If we stopped at the literal rendering, it is!

The Role Of The Holy Spirit Part 2

When I discovered my calling in worship I was so hungry and thirsty to know what worship is all about by as I spoke with other worshippers I got frustrated by the answers that they gave to me, because the answers that they have me were merely words and people’s experiences, few where teaching me about the importance of the Holy Spirit in worship It wasn’t to last a few years later that I learnt the work of the Holy Spirit. It’s good to know people’s experiences in worship but do not make them the basis of…

Jesus – The Key To Stability In Life

May our eyes be always fixed upon Jesus because the minute we take our eyes off of Him, we would enter into the natural instead of the supernatural. We should always live in the supernatural because as He is so are we in this world.

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