Challenging The Culture Of Quenching The Spirit (Amazing Church)

National Day of Prayer Out Says Federal Judge – America’s Identity Eroding

After Billy Graham lead a rally in Washington in 1952 and called for a day for the nation to pray President Harry Truman signed the National Prayer Day proclamation in 1953. The Freedom from Religion Foundation filed against the proclamation in October of 2008. Have they won?

Do People That Do Personal Prophecy Grow Into Prophets?

This is a question that is asked quite often. People think that if you have the ability to prophesy then you have the requirements to be a prophet. That is just like someone being able to fly a one engine plane given the cockpit of an international jet liner.

Depression and the Pain of a Tormented Mind

Depression and mental illness is one of the most challenging medical condition anyone will ever have to face. How do you explain to someone who has never experienced depression just how torturous it can be? What is it about our human condition that we can go to bed one night feeling just fine and then wake up the next morning with the onslaught of depression that will affect our life for years to come?

How Can I Do Personal Prophecy For a Ministry

Many people are gifted in prophecy and do not have enough of an outlet to be able to use it properly. To be able to be used in your gift is a good thing.

First Fruit – Jesus Christ Requires All Our First Fruits

The first of everything is for the Lord Jesus. According to Deuteronomy chapter eighteen verses one to five ( Deut., 18:1-5) the children of Israel (Israel) takes care of the Levites, God’s priests. One of the ways the nation of Israel achieve this is by presenting the priest with his “due.”

Presbyterian Church Service – Special Observance

Presbyterian, Baptist, Methodist, Lutheran. All of these faith based religious denominations are very much alike yet there are some differences that you will notice.

In Search of Peace

People when get frustrated search for tranquility, peace and eternal happiness. This article shows how to get the same, at least partially.

If God Exists

But then, if God exists would he not have something to do with the arrangement of all things? I would think everyone would agree that if God exist, that would be a fair assertion. And if we agree that God exists and that He has something to do with the arrangement of all things, why do we have such an upheaval these days, such a disarrangement of things, such chaos?

Overcoming Sin by Grace

No Christian is immune from sin while living on earth. But it is comforting to know that as powerful as sin is, there is one thing greater than sin, i.e. the grace of God given to us through Christ Jesus our Lord. Where sin abounds, God’s grace abounds much more (Rom.5:20). How, then can we overcome sin through grace?

Easter Celebration

Faith, hope and love… but the greatest is love. It’s our life to live, it’s our game to play. God is just a coach on the sidelines. We choose how much we use him.

What Effect Did the Roman Empire Have on Christianity?

With over 900 churches in Rome alone, it’s no surprise that the word Italy has such strong connotations of religion. It was thought that the Romans had a religion that was unique to them although it was thought that these did not come from a single source, but instead they were a mixture of the beliefs, traditions and superstitions of those in power and a number of other providers.

What a Network of Prophets Can Do For Me

We read in the scriptures that there was a school of prophets in the past. What can a network of prophets do for you these days?

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