The Unique Features of Christianity


The Unique Features of Christianity

Christianity has the unique benefit of embracing the human condition as it was in the time of Jesus. This means that, in accordance with the biblical understanding, we are both body and soul. Christ’s mission was to save our souls and raise our bodies to new heights. In fact, a mere 20 percent to eleven percent of the gospel accounts of his public ministry is devoted to physical healing and exorcisms.

Christian faith also has many unique features. The elders of the Church have the authority to anoint the sick. In fact, the Church has recognized this right as the origin of the sacrament of anointing the sick. According to James, faith-filled prayer by a priest will save the sick person. The Greek word sozo means bodily restoration and salvation. As a powerful tool for bodily healing, the Sacrament of Anointing the Sick embodies these principles.

Jesus’s teachings include miracles and a powerful presence. We are told that we can experience the power of God in our everyday lives, as demonstrated by Jesus in the book of Matthew. The Bible is full of examples of his power. The book of Acts details how Christians were able to perform miracles by the power of the Holy Spirit. It is through this power that we can perform the same kingdom-building ministry Jesus performed on earth.

The Holy Spirit grants charisms, which are gifts that God has given freely. A charism is not a reward for virtue, but a way to involve ourselves in building the body of Christ. This gift is given to those who are passionate about God. Charisms are discussed extensively in 1 Corinthians chapter fourteen. These are gifts meant to be used for the benefit of others. Those who receive this gift are the ones who are most likely to become instruments of God.

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