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How Living Hope Changes Me – 1 Peter 1:3

Living hope in Jesus Christ changes me. I am able to live this live because I know the hope that I have for a future that far outweighs anything that this world can offer.

Tips for Churches Looking For Pastors

If your church is one of the many churches looking for pastors, you are not alone! Learn tips about finding the new pastor for your church or youth group.

So You Think You Know God?

For most people there is only one answer for this question. A loud and emphatic YES! Usually spoken when clutching the idea of an ancient tome that has revealed all to them, a member of the chosen. They hold dear the idea that truth was delivered to them. Given to them above others. A claim often made before reading their book.

Christian Jewelry For Women – Great Ideas For Sharing the Gospel With Jewelry

Christian jewelry for women is an awesome way to witness to your friends without saying anything. Our pastors and spiritual mentors are always telling us how we need to share the good news of the Gospel, but most of us aren’t bold about sharing our faith.

Your Ark Of The Covenant Replica

One of the most important relics from Biblical times, the Ark of the Covenant has taken on a reputation that is unmatched by just about any other relic. The significance of the Ark is immense for Christians, as it was believed to be the vessel in which were delivered the Ten Commandments that form the bedrock of a good Christian life. It has also taken on an importance in the artistic sphere for various reasons – replicating it is a challenge aesthetically, and its importance from a religious point of view has made it a fascinating subject.

Sorts of Christian Charms

Individuals wear Christian jewellery for various motives. Whatever the purpose is, it truly is crucial to those people who are interested to put on these sorts of jewellery to learn what kinds are readily available to them. Right here is a small record in the greatest religious pendants you are able to discover on the marketplace.

President Obama: Why Is He So Out of Step?

There are several recent examples and indicators that show President Obama is out of step in the Middle East. Why is that? Interestingly, the answer to that question has to do with the fulfillment of end-times Bible prophecy.

Giving Your Money: Who Wins: God or Man?

How well do you give? When you give, do you expect God to reciprocate? Do you give so that you would be applauded? Do you expect to receive in return what you have given to the rightful owner? If God should withdraw His blessings for giving, would you still give, and not just give but give wholeheartedly?

Complaining and Murmuring: A Cause of Backsliding

Complaining and murmuring could deafen your spiritual hearing. Because you have allowed your emotions to take over, you will not be able to hear what God is telling you or what direction He is giving concerning the circumstance that has necessitated your complaining and murmuring. Gradually, you draw away from God and backsliding takes over.

Fact Sheet – Total Consecration to Jesus Through Mary

The devotion, Total Consecration to Jesus through Mary, has been practiced for centuries. It involves 33 days of preparatory devotions, with the Total Consecration made on the 34th day.

The Condition of the Backslider

Backsliders were once holy unto the Lord but now have turned from the Lord (Jer. 2:3). They were an encouragement to things of God but now have gone back to the world and its pleasures; they have gone far from the Lord (Jer. 2:5).

How God Views Sin

Growing up in church, I have always heard it said, “God hates sin”. A scripture which backs up this claim is Proverbs 6:16-19. I think the concept of God hating sin deserves a closer look.

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