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The Bible is a Critical Tool for Deliverance Ministers


The Bible is a Critical Tool for Deliverance Ministers

Christianity is a monotheistic religion based on the life of Jesus of Nazareth. It has 2.38 billion followers worldwide. The Bible is the foundation document of Christian faith.

According to Christians, satanic forces are real and are present in our world. They attempt to subvert the mission of the church. Therefore, a large number of people contend with these demons.

There are two main types of spiritual warfare: one centered on the individual’s conscience and another on the political praxis of the church. Regardless of which, prayer is an essential weapon. For this reason, the bible is a critical tool for deliverance ministers.

During the first century, Jesus and the apostles healed many people who were sick. This was done in public or in private homes. Nevertheless, many people had a hard time believing that a person could be cured. These were those who did not know the power of Christ’s words.

In the Middle Ages, many Christians expected that healing was a rare practice. Church leaders questioned the legitimacy of seeking healing. However, they never questioned the power of Jesus to cast out demons.

In the New Testament, writers use language that makes demons appear as living beings. This is a reference to the re-subjectivation of their human nature.

After Christ’s death, the church grew. Missionaries traveled across the globe to spread the gospel. Evangelists continued to preach in large-scale services.

Many new converts were nominal Christians. Others were attracted to the gifts of the Holy Spirit, which included miracles.

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