Christ is Knocking At The Door of Your Heart | The Most Costly Devotion | Sermon

What Do You Believe About Source?

When I was a little girl I loved going to Methodist church with my family. The people there were so nice. I felt safe and loved. I even liked going to the Youth group meetings on Sunday nights. It never seemed to me that there was too much pressure about God or the Bible. Thankfully, this particular church did not preach with a heavy emphasis on eternal damnation or unworthiness. I’m not sure how long I would have stuck around had that been the case.

2012 Comet Nibiru (Planet X) Prophecy – Biblical Wormwood?

Planet X, also known as Comet Nibiru poses a real threat to our Earth, according to most Mayan Myth-Makers. Could the Biblical star Wormwood be one and the same?

Parshat Chayei Sarah – How Do You Create a Jewish Hero?

Parshat Chayei Sarah is one of my favorite parshas in the entire Torah… but not really. Let me explain. The parsha is kind of short. The main story is repeated twice. The character development is relatively bland. And it’s topped off by a dull list of genealogy.

The Biggest Problem With Celebrity Adultery

People kid themselves a lot about how intelligent they are, how insightful and righteous their opinions; they tell themselves lies, large and small, about what is going on inside their head and inside their soul; and if they happen to have a job in the broadcast media, this delusion is shared with thousands or millions of other people. The biggest problem with adultery by the latest major sports celebrity?

Resentment and Retaliation

It feels so right to retaliate when we’ve been wounded. Nothing seems more bittersweet as to get even.

Let’s Invent Another Language, So That it Will Reveal the Secrets in the Bible

I don’t know about you, but if you have done any research into secret codes and secret messages in the Bible and you understand mathematical probabilities, you probably think it’s a joke. I was just kidding around about the other translations, but I wouldn’t be surprised if one day, someone reads this article and gets the bright idea to invent another language, just so that they can prove the mysteries and secrets which line deep inside the Bible are true.

Bible Trivia Questions and Answers 101

Bible Trivia questions are a great tool to stimulate participation and conversation in your Bible Study group. Use these Bible Trivia Questions and answers to test your Bible knowledge.

Walk Like a Christian

If you are a christian, you are accountable. God has called you to be like him. Christian means ‘little christ’.

If the Bible Has Secrets, Why Wouldn’t We Understand Them?

If I gave you a different book 2000 years ago and told you that it was a religious text book, filled with laws and stories, so that you could live a better life, would you still treat it exactly the same as your modern-day Bible. A totally different book with similar stories about different people, but with a similar message and you would have never known any different. Just something to think about.

Trying to Unravel the Secrets of Christianity

I would like to suggest something that most Christians might not want to hear, but they definitely need to start thinking about. If there are secrets, why are they being kept from us and if there aren’t any, why are so many giving us the illusion that there actually are.

Parshat Vayeitze – A Trick For a Trick

God’s wrath happens to people in a manner which we call “mida keneged mida” (measure for measure). The punishment has a connection to the action which earned the punishment. Yaakov tricked his father using a false identity, and later was punished through suffering at the hands of a ruse using a false identity. A trick for trick.

Sitting at the Feet of the Master – Advice to a Homeschool Mom

Do you stay on the run constantly? Are the demands placed upon you by others becoming a burden? Then slow down, and sit awhile at the feet of the master.

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