Christian TikToker’s Experience at Revival is Now Kentucky

The Parable of the Lost Coin

Just a coin. We all probably are wondering what is so valuable about a coin. Yes, some people attach some sentimental value on very small things;could be a gift from your grand mother, parent, aunt or lover; better still, it may be a memento from a visit from a very exotic place. The point is that we valuable things and put so much value in them. There is a story about a lady who lost her coin and searched for it tirelessly until she found it.

Can God Change the Unchangeable?

In the Bible, in the book of Daniel we find a wonderful example of God working with a very difficult man. It gives great hope to see what God can do when he chooses to do so.

Jesus Was a First in These 9 Things He Did

Jesus was an incredible man. He achieved so much in such a short of time. Reading through the bible, I have collected a number of ‘firsts’. These are feats worth noting:

The Scroll of Revelation, 12 – Israel Called and Saved

Don’t give up on the Jewish people, Christian. They to whom the promises and the Messiah were given shall yet be victorious and realize their destiny.

The Proper Hunger for the Things of God

Blessed are they who hunger and thirst for righteousness for they shall be satisfied. You know how it feels when you are both hungry and thirsty: you can eat anything in sight! My story today is about a different kind of hunger and thirst. It is the hunger and thirst for the Word of God; hunger for his righteousness. It is that continuous desire for justice which will lead one to a fulfillment of that desire. For example, one must have the gift of fortitude so one may be courageous in seeking justice.

A Story About Forgiveness That You Should Consider

It is an eleven letter word: so powerful. It emits emotions, raw and unpretentious. Why do we find it so difficult to forgive? I think there is an innate capacity to either forgive or not to forgive; some people will forgive only by word of mouth but hold back resentment and a burning desire to take revenge- just so as to quench their ‘even score’ instinct. Others will readily forgive; it comes naturally to them. Whichever category you belong to, it is vital we focus on forgiveness and see what the bible says about the same.

Who Is Mother Cabrini?

St. Frances Xavier Cabrini. Born in northern Italy in 1850, thirty nine years later, in 1889, she would sail for the United States, the first of many voyages she would make in her sixty seven years of service to the Lord. She is the first American citizen to be raised to the Communion of Saints, a member of the Church Triumphant.

The 144000 Sealed at Patmos

Many are called but few are chosen is a saying that has its origin in a biblical parable This refers to thy way those who work in the vineyard of the Lord are called. How the Lord Calls his servants has been a misunderstood issue until now.

The Fruit of the Spirit – Joy

This is an article about joy. What does joy do for the body of Christ? It confuses the enemy because his plan is to have us worried or upset over something but when we are joyful, he cannot penetrate us with his devices so his plans will fail.

What Is Kaddish?

Kaddish, the mourner’s prayer, has been the traditional Jewish response to tragedy. There is definite evidence that it has been said from the latter part of the first century, about to thousand years ago. Walking into a synagogue today, chances are high that the person or persons reciting the Kaddish are mourners.

Celebrating Death The Osho Way Becomes a Song and Dance

“Celebrate Life, Celebrate Death,” says the Enlightened Master Osho. Applying the first part is easy and enjoyable but applying the second half seems impossible. Swami Anand Dwarka (legal name Dwarkadass R. Morjaria), aged 76, left his body with a joyous celebration of singing and dancing on 20 September 2010 at the feet of his Enlightened Master, Osho in Pune. Despite leaving his body, he left his warm smile, loving hug and lively humour for all who knew him. Hundreds of Osho disciples formed a happy procession of singing and dancing disciples to the nearby burning ghats where the last rites took place. And when they returned, they were still humming and swaying with high energy.

From Sales Executive to Spiritual Leader: Swami Tirtha Maharaj

From a smartly dressed Corporate Executive in gray trousers, a blue shirt, a red tie and a tweed jacket, Padmanabhan or ‘Paddy’ as he was known, became Swami B S Tirtha Maharaj dressed in saffron coloured cotton. Would he have inter-acted with billionaires, top bureaucrats, judges, Prime Ministers, ministers, members of the House of Lords; US Senators, mayors, delivered discourses at Oxford and Cambridge universities? Would he have interacted with these people in this manner if he had continued as a Corporate Executive? At the most, he would have become the CEO or the Managing Director of a good sized corporation to promote its products. Now he has no worldly position or titles and he promotes Krishna Consciousnesses. Such is his total commitment to his devotion that he has all but forgotten his past life as a Corporate Executive.

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