Christians Are Divided About Mike Todds Spit. What Lesson Can We Learn From This

Being Baptized in the Holy Ghost and Speaking in Tongues Bible Study

Speaking in tongues, or the tongue language is a gift from the Holy Spirit. Through the tongue language, the Holy Spirit helps us to intercede to God according to God’s will.

Should Christians Use Acupuncture?

Christians should not practice acupuncture because it has root in a pagan religion called Taoism. Christians should only depend on God for healing and not acupuncture.

Characteristics of The Gospel Truth – Will How You Lived Matter?

The criteria that confer gospel truth its reliability to it include facts that one can test it for objective certainty before confirming its claims. The test can be based on specific criteria that almost always produce the same results as if it were a scientific fact or law. The difficulty lies in determining the yardstick used to measure these behaviors. This is because even the scriptures recognize that as men we tend to rationalize our behaviors for their so-called good. However, whether we believe that we are righteous before God or not, we need to remember that the door will shut will be one fateful day. From that moment one, we will be ready to collect our rewards on the other side.

Watch Out for the Quiet Ones – Openness As a Criterion for Ministry Leadership

One of the functions of church leadership is to prepare others for ministry. This article argues that openness should be a criterion for choosing ministry leadership trainees. This is because those who have the capacity for Christian leadership are open, expressive, and sociable.

Three Ways Faith Empowers Us To Do The Unimaginable

Faith empowers us to do the unimaginable by trust, action and consistence. These three things are a must to accomplish anything beyond our scope of expertise.

Sight Versus Site

Right now I’m talking to churches especially. Many churches have jumped on the band wagon. They created the website, made the Facebook page, maybe they even tweet now and again. But the same people come who came before all this effort.

Characteristics of the Gospel Truth – What Is the Gospel Truth?

The gospel truth is that Jesus Christ is the way and the only way to eternal life after we have departed this world (John 14:6). This is the gospel truth, and the subject of the test. The result of the test should lead us to adopt certain specific behaviors indicative of our conviction or faith. In order to test the truth of the gospel we need to appreciate certain parameters associated with the truth. In other words, assemble our list of circumstantial evidences.

Intellectualism About Jesus – Truth for All Series 5

There are millions of books out there, and all the literature is about the need for you to accept or renounce the man Jesus Christ – a deceased Jew as God. There is no doubt that this can present a significant intellectual challenge. It is a statement of fact that many will not even want to be associated with considering such ideas, so that peers will not take them for fools. We sure know that a Jew by that name lived in Israel about the time referenced, but was this the type of man that is recorded in the scriptures?

Characteristics of the Gospel Truth – Determinants of the Gospel Truth

This is easily the funniest topic that I have come across in recent times. It is very true that I had a message boiling in my mind, but I never thought of using this title until God popped it my spirit.

Characteristics of the Gospel Truth – Faith in Gospel Truth

Let us review this conversation that ensued between Thomas and Jesus to help reinforce the need to be clear on the choice of test parameters: Thomas said to Him, “Lord, we do not know where You are going, and how can we know the way?” Jesus said to him, “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me (John 14: 5-6).

Characteristics of the Gospel Truth – Learn This Wisdom, Buy This Treasure

A common finding is that we do not have a problem with the letter of the laws, but to observe them bore us. And this is where our problems begin. We begin to find excuses to rationalize the laws or the situation. We try to fit the laws into our comfort zones instead of our circumstances. Yet, the same laws have universally been observed over time. And people have been placed on record for keeping these laws righteously (Hebrew 11).

There’s Only One Avenger, and He Doesn’t Dress That Way

The Avengers has raked in money, but is it worth the time for a Christ-centered mom, parent, kid, or wife? You decide.

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