Christians Being Persecuted Until The Moment The Trumpet Sounds

Salty Salt

According to the words of Christ as recorded in Matthew 5:13-16, any person who is a follower of Jesus Christ should live in such a way so as to have an impact on the world in which they live. Indeed, it seems clear that Christians are called to be agents of change in this life.

The Nature and Condition of Man

Since God is the Creator, He is the one who makes the rules – and we are supposed to abide by them. In a nut shell that’s why Mankind is in such a fix today; on the whole, we don’t want to obey God’s rules.

Who Or What Is God?

The fact that the God of the Bible exists is plain from the witness of creation. Even after several generations of evolutionary indoctrination, the majority of American adults still claim to believe in a “creative God.” Indeed, it takes a tremendous leap of faith to believe that the complex beauty of this universe came about by chance. However, the idea that a “Supreme Being” brought all of this into existence rings true in the minds of most reasonable people.

Acknowledging Your Bias

Any time that two or more people have a discussion about anything, it is important to be aware of what we call presuppositions – those things that we suppose to be true prior to the initiation of any deliberation. For instance, if you and I were to discuss the merits of owning one automobile as opposed to another, it would be helpful for you to know that I presuppose that Chrysler products are the best choice.

Is Organized Religion a Beneficial Meme? Or Do They Ultimately Harm Society?

Are you involved in an organized religion? If you so you might want to read this. It may be valuable for you and your loved ones.

How Does the Church Hypnotize You Into Giving Them Money?

Are you in charge of your own mind when you participate in the Catholic Mass or other religious ceremony? The answers may surprise even you.

Moonies – What Do “The Moonies” Believe About the Power of Creation?

What does Rev. Sun Myung Moon, founder of “the Moonies” (considered a slur by Unificationists) teach about the relationships between God, the Creator, and his creation? Read below:

Are You Under Spiritual Attack Without Realizing It?

Spiritual warfare can be insidious. Prayer is one of our offensive weapons to fight the battle. The other is the Bible. We need both to avoid being taken out by attacks.

Moonies – Bringing God Down to Earth

Every existing being was created by God and is his relational object, i.e., each is the visible and substantial realization and form of the dual characteristics of the Creator, who exists as the invisible origin. When a created being becomes an object, in perfect unity, to God as the subject, then the God’s Will will be fully realized. Another way of seeing this is that the created world is like one perfect harmonious body – which moves or remains stationary only in accordance to God’s Purpose of Creation.

How to Choose a Study Bible

Many people have no idea what they want in a study Bible. Not all study Bibles are alike however and several factors need to be considered before making a purchase.

Using Sermon Outlines – Is it Cheating?

Some ministers and pastors are able to sit down and write out a full sermon with little or no help at all, but what about those times when nothing seems to come to mind? The answer could be some help from sermon outlines.

Scoffers in the Last Days

Noah spent 120 years building his ark … and people scoffed right until the moment the floods came and washed them all away. Jesus said it would be just like “the days of Noah” when He returns. People will be concerned with their daily lives and totally unconcerned about the calamity about to befall them. The words of the prophets will, once again, fall on deaf ears.

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