Christmas Eve of Miracles!

Is Your Spiritual Faucet Open Or Closed?

God is the water; you are the faucet perfectly describes a life greatly used by God. If we choose to keep the faucet totally open at all times, it means we desire His plans over our own. Many times we make decisions either to please other people or just because we want to be seen as a success in the eyes of the world. But Heaven is forever and ever, and what we do here is preparing us for what we will do in Heaven.

Demons and Christians

There is a battle being waged between Good and Evil; God’s Kingdom versus Satan”s Kingdom. Satan is out to maim and, if possible, destroy God’s earthly army.

God’s Secrets Of The Greatest Crime Ever

Only God could know how and why the great treasure meant for the children of the Spirit was buried. It was determined that at the end of the day it would be unearthed and they would share in its wealth. That time has now come.

Murder by Idols

Idols are everywhere and they are not confined to religious organisations but to everyday life. Even a TV program can be an idol while celebrities, statues, images of all kinds make up a large part of the things that offend the real God.

Look Around You – What Do You See?

What you see is what you get. Or is it?

Robots – A Challenge To Human Value?

We are familiar with robots and their use in industry and military surveillance operations, but with anticipated advances in artificial intelligence, soon robots may have greater freedom of choice and be able to make complex social interactions. Now, some are suggesting, that we need to ask, are they going to be able to manipulate us humans in ways that might exploit or misunderstand us? – Well at least they won’t need meals prepared for them! But then, what about futuristic, controversial “killer robots” and questions around our own responsibility and value? The future is coming faster than we thought!

Loss of Blood

There was no human will power to live that gave Him the strength to die. It was in His love for you that He relied on God’s strength to bring Him to the place that He could die in your place.

Irrational Tests of Human Obedience

The Bible contains many apparently arbitrary tests of obedience – like forbidden fruit, numerous sex directives, unclean food issues, rest days and circumcision. The article notes that the Bible doesn’t offer risk of pregnancy as a reason for sexual restraint but instead another quite unusual one. It also links the arbitrary nature of the Noah flood episode with the threatened end of the world scenario and interprets the Bible as indicating that it won’t be fingers on nuclear triggers that will bring the end but some entirely different human activity.

So God Called You to Minister

God has called you into ministry and you know that you are called. The question now lies in discerning where and how he called you to minister. Reaching inside to find the answer will often leave you feeling lost and confused. One of the greatest mistakes we can make is when we look inside or look at our strengths and assume this is where the Lord wants to use us…

There Is a Path That No Fowl Knows And The Vulture’s Eye Hath Not Seen – Job 28:7

The Spirit is the only God and it alone is in control of all things. It chose to make a group worthy of eternal life and they are those who have remained true to the voice within and who have ignored the worship of idols and false gods.

Sunday Worship and 666

People worship on Sundays without knowing the truth about the day or how it came about. My research was guided by the Spirit to unlock the mysteries surrounding the two beasts of Revelation and the origin of religions in sun worship. This is a real eye opener.

True Conformity

Christians are not immune to societal conformity. In fact, many Christians strive to be accepted by those outside of the Faith.

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