Christmas Trees & Ouija Boards (Part 2)

Breaking Protocol (4)

There is no limit to what God can do to bring about His purposes in our life. When He is involved, definitely, nothing shall be impossible. Yes, most Christians don’t actually graduate into this higher faith in God because they have not released themselves to this particular divine reality. Yes, with God nothing is impossible. And when the bible says nothing it absolutely means nothing. Jesus took it further when He also said that nothing shall be impossible to them that believe in God Almighty. But, why are we most times not operating in this truth? Why are most things impossible to us?? The truth remains that when we have God’s kind of faith, walk in His words and very importantly WORK with Him, nothing shall be impossible for us. True! Did you get something from here? Please note my choice of words. Let’s go back to our text.

What Is Biblical Meditation?

Reading bible is important because it helps you to discern between true and false preachers. In this way, you won’t easily be led astray to walk on the wrong path which will not lead you to heaven (John 7:17).

How Do You Visualize Heaven?

According to some religions, people who act well are guaranteed to find a space in heaven when they die. Some people also say that, since heaven is not for general people some people go to a secondary space that exists just below the heaven.

The Truth About Evolution

Evolution can be proven based upon historical factual evidence right? We teach it in our schools as science and proclaim it to the world. We deny God’s existence and almost defiantly declare we KNOW he does not exist as if we had all knowledge, but what is the truth?

Did Jesus’ Resurrection Really Happen?

A lot of Christians tell me that I have to believe that Jesus literally, as his human body, came back to life-that if I don’t believe that, I don’t really believe in the resurrection. I have heard people like you say that you don’t necessarily believe that. So, I guess my question today is this, if the resurrection of Jesus was a reanimating of his dead body or if the Gospel stories were just using symbolic language, how was the resurrection real? Why does it matter?

The Most Effective Way to Teach a Youth Bible Study

This step-by-step guide teaches you how to lead a youth Sunday School lesson or Bible study in the most effective way possible. Using this method helps students participate in and internalize faith lessons more deeply.

The Trust Challenge, Something To Think About Part 2

Trusting the Lord is not an easy thing, I asked myself a question if I say I trust in God then why doesn’t God do what He wants in my life, if I trust Him then he has access to do what He wants to do with my life. Think about it how many people in the world said they trust God to sort them out but bail on Him the moment they see rain clouds coming (me included). So we looking at what the word says on this aspect of Trust

What Dr. Khalid Abdul Muhammad Meant To My Life

The Yorouba Proverb states, ‘If you eat well, you must speak well’ which teaches us the importance of showing gratitude to others who share with us. My brother, Dr. Khalid Abdul Muhammad, was one of those who fed me very well in my growth into consciousness, so I will always speak well of him and honor his name in my household.


No Christian is perfect and the world is quick to acknowledge that, but can we come to a point where we ignore the things we have been taught? Can we come to a place where we fall so far away from the faith that we need reviving?

The Flame And The Sword – Part 2

The chief problem with most people in interpreting their dreams and visions is at the least two-fold. First, we do not value the dreams and visions the Lord gives us enough to learn the dream language of signs and symbols. Second, we do not have the persistence or fire to continue in faith proclaiming, declaring, and prophesying our great heavenly Father’s desire until it comes to pass.

Does Sharon’s Death Mean the Messiah Is Coming Soon? Kaduri Said So Before Sharon’s Stroke and Death with numerous awards for journalism, offers insight into a Kabbalistic Rabbi Kaduri who had a large and loyal following in Israel. In the final days before his death, he shared with his followers that “he met the Messiah who would come after the death of Prime Minister, Ariel Sharon.”

Opinion Overload

Anyone can easily research information about anything these days. With such differing results in our search, however, could we have opinion overload?

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