Christianity Beyond Church

Perhaps some Christians find it difficult to separate their faith from the building where they worship. For the secular community, too, faith means going to church, the two concepts are bound hand in hand. And while, yes, church as an institution is a vital organ in the life of Christ’s followers, there is such a thing as Christian life beyond church. Christians will say church is the body of Christ. It is. But it is not a physical structure that must always stay in one place. Some of you will arrive at that point where you can carry your church around with you in your heart.

Peeling Back the Onion Even More – Understanding the ‘God’ Concept

Let us focus on only one simple precept – the original name of god. This is the kernel deep within the onion of religion. By starting with the three main religions – Judaism, Islam, and Christianity (could this be the three unclean frogs emerging once again) whose original source was that of the first cultures of Mesopotamia – the Sumerians, we can find a common thread that leads to the original name – that which later became known as the sacred name.

The Origin of the Image of Our Lady of Czestochowa

It is easier to determine that St. Luke painted the image which is now in Czestochowa than to track the history of the image down through the ages. Everything we tell you of the early history of the movement of the image of Our Lady is from tradition.

Is There a Need For a Non Ecclesiastical Translation? Absolutely!

Because of the enormous influence the Kings James Version had on subsequent translations because of its economic success, it made it necessary to seek a non ecclesiatical translation to deal with translator biases that are perpetuated by all versions.

The Lord Provides Our Needs

Jesus Christ performed great and mighty miracles…we would like to emulate that. He told us that these works that he does we shall do the same works and greater because he goes to the Father. The Father and the Son dwell in us, we can do greater works. They’re not just going to happen unless we’re doing the right thing.

Sometimes We Should Move On

I found this Scripture a little bit interesting… Everyone’s after him, he’s preached the gospel, healed their sick and tended to their needs. He’s gone and found a solitary place to pray, people are still looking for him, people are still inquiring about Jesus Christ, his disciples come and find him. Lord all these people want to see you, all these people are after you

Jesus Had Busy Days and Still Managed to Pray

Now I’m just setting the scene here… Jesus had a big day. And we all can have a big day or a busy day. We all have a busy and hectic life. However when you go through these Scriptures you will continue to see that no matter how busy or how hectic the days that Jesus had he still found the time to pray.

Jesus Led by Example and We Should Follow

As you go through the Scriptures you will quite often find where the Lord Jesus Christ himself went apart from the crowd, went into his own private place and prayed. We read Scriptures where he got up a great while before morning…

Why Are Christians Hated

Sometimes we do marvel don’t we? What’s their problem? Why do they hate us? We don’t like being hated do we. Yet preaching the truth brings about this response from people.

Abraham Believed God

So Abraham’s faith once again can be seen. It’s visible. He believed the Lord. We can really see now through these scriptures how much Abraham believed God. He believed that no matter what happened.

How Can Christianity Inspire Our Kids?

Before we can even begin to inspire our kids with the glory of scripture we have to understand what the essence of Christianity is. If we just use it as a weapon to constrain or restrict our children, then we lose their interest, or worse, their respect. Christianity is a route to the true self, stripped of lies, stripped of prejudice, and as such a valuable tool for increasing our personal sense of worth. If we can get this message across to youngsters, then we give them something more valuable than money. But how can this be done?

Prayer Works For Everyone – The Secret is in Learning How to Think

It may seem like an odd thing to say; but prayer truly does work for everyone. This isn’t to say that everyone is using this innate faculty to their benefit, or to its fullest potential; but all thoughts truly do become manifest in one way or another – at some point in time. The secret to using prayer effectively in your own life lies in fully understanding the nature of prayer; and, to do that, you must consider the fact that all of us – good, bad, Christian, Jew, Muslim, etc – have access to prayer and it isn’t only the “good” people who are able to use their thoughts to create their futures.

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