Church in Romania Helping During the Humanitarian Crisis in Ukraine

Why Preaching Style is Important?

Over the years, some people have said that I spend too much time talking about and thinking about style. These individuals say that what is important is not the “style” but the “content.” They argue that one of the greatest problems with much African American preaching is spending too much time worrying about the style.

Methods For Preaching Without Notes

Do you want to preach without notes? You can if you understand how they do it. All you have to do is understand and then practice. this article will give you the understanding. Now all you have to do is practice.

How to Exegete the Text For Preaching

Here are the four steps to exegete your texts. When you follow these steps you guarantee the people will understand and interact with your text.

How to Whoop Like Traditional Black Preachers

Many people contact me wanting a step by step method to learn to whoop, here is the outline of a method. Listen to Other Whoopers…

Church Pews – Traditional Or Dated – Tips For Upgrading Church Furniture

There are many reasons church leaders and congregations begin thinking about renovations for their church pews. One obvious reason is to restore furnishings because they show age or deterioration. Another reason not so obvious in appearance is that the functionality of the church may no longer meet the needs of a growing congregation.

Agreement – the Double Edged Sword

The act of coming into agreement with someone or something is a powerful thing that can either affect you in a positive or negative way. I have discussed in the past that the only power the enemy has over us is in deception.

Pastor – How Do You Handle Another Pastor Doing Greater Works – Are You Jealous?

I was thinking about people and how changeable they are. One minute you seem to receive love and affection from someone and the next time you meet them, you don’t even recognize it’s the same person.

Pastor, Could This Be Why It’s Not Working?

Pastor, if you’ve ever felt like throwing in the towel, don’t feel alone, we’ve all been there. There’s a Biblical formula for success which I’ve found to work. Since you have to make certain choices every day anyway, why not choose what really works? If a doctor told you to take a certain medicine every day and that if you did you would have victory in your health, would you consider it? Here’s a spiritual formula that works, which when applied will turn your life and ministry around.

History of the Abrahamic Religions in Asia

The Hebrew Bible has depicted a great patriarch, the historic Semitic tradition of Abraham from where the Abrahamic religions have been derived. Many monotheistic religions belong to the Abrahamic religions. Islam, Judaism and Christianity comprise of most of the Abrahamic religions in Asia.

History of the East Asian Religions

East Asian religions have quite a lot of principles in common. For example, they emphasize unity in almost all things and the relation of every living being on the planet to the nature and its surroundings. This article examines some of these common principles.

History of the Indian Religions in Asia

The main Indian religions in Asia are Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam and Jainism. These are examined in this article.

History of the Iranian Religions

Religions around the world have always been an interesting topic of discussion among the intellectuals, historians and masses in general. This article looks at the various Iranian religions.

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