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Miracle Healing in Christian History


Miracle Healing in Christian History

While the Devil is often a familiar figure in Christian religion, the New Testament portrays Jesus as a man who encountered this demon in a confrontation. The gospel writers wanted to make the people aware of demon activity and the power of Christ’s word. The author of Matthew 5 begins his gospel with the healing of a man with a demon.

Thousands of people from Galilee followed the healing ministry of the Master, but no money had been spent on advertising. But thanks to the bush telegraph, word spread like wildfire. Soon, people all over Galilee heard of Jesus of Nazareth. And they began to believe in him.

Even though Jesus returned to Heaven after His resurrection, some people wondered if He would continue to heal. In the book of Acts, the Holy Spirit is reported as doing miraculous acts through Christians. Christians were baptized by the Holy Spirit, which enabled them to continue the kingdom ministry of the Savior.

The New Testament is full of first-hand witness accounts of God’s power. Paul describes some of these events in his epistles.

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