CONFRONTING a sorcerer and Radical conversions. Understanding the book of ACTS part 5

Open Minded Approaches to Religion – How To Be Open Minded And A Good Listener

Most people seem to agree that being open-minded is important, but they don’t always agree on what exactly it means to be open- or closed-minded. Religion is an area of life where people seem to struggle a lot with this question. This article provides a personal and practical guide of how to be open-minded about religion, especially when talking to people who have different belief systems from your own.

Justice, Balance, and Seven Deadly Sins

Where those in power take their responsibilities seriously, and manage transparently, honouring those they serve, they govern diligently. But justice becomes a problem when those with power discharge their duties irresponsibly. Justice is the achievement of balance; the achievement of God’s situational will.

Forcing Religion On Children – Where To Draw The Line?

Most people I talk to agree that forcing religion on children, or on anyone, is not a good thing. But people do not necessarily agree on where exactly the line lies between legitimate sharing of religion, and forcing it on others. This article explores where I draw this line, especially as it pertains to raising children in religious schools and a religious community, and presenting your own beliefs to your children.

Girls Who Paid For Sex

The Bible occasionally uses seamy imagery of sex, adultery, and girls paying for sex to illustrate how offensive idolatry is to God.Thus Israel committed spiritual adultery with Assyrian and Babylonian gods, including phallic worship, and were taken into captivity as a result. The last book of the Bible predicts spiritual adultery on a much grander scale involving a worldwide religious conglomerate (the great prostitute), described in similar language to that used for Israel. The prostitute will have “intoxicating” power and will briefly provide the human solidarity many are looking for now. On the individual level St Paul likens sexual immorality and lust to idolatry. In that case professed Christians who spend much of their spare time in adoration of sex goddesses (or gods) through porn on the internet would also qualify as idolators.

When Angels Entertain Angels

I met an angel recently. A young man, who is an encouragement just to be around, decided one day to visit an older lady with cancer in hospital. He knew her through his church, but was not in the least expected to visit her. It was no big deal for him, but for her it was an incredibly generous thing to do. She was overwhelmed by it. She was not only overwhelmed by his visit, but by the quality of their time together.

Letter of Love to Jesus

When I consider what my non-Christian friends might think of the title of this article, I feel a little sheepish. Still, this is a letter – a prayer – to my Lord and Saviour; the King over my heart. It’s not a ‘Jesus is my boyfriend or girlfriend’ type of letter.

Seeing Life for Sight of the Son

I believe in God, like I believe in the sun. I see it rise every morning and see everything clearer, just like when I see the Son I see everything clearer… There is a real coherence between the sun’s rays in illuminating our lands so we can see, and the fact of faith in Jesus that helps us to see truth over our entire spiritual landscape.

Are The Laws Of Physics The New Idolatry?

The world’s leading thinkers didn’t get where they are without hard work. Many have an overwhelming passion to persuade you to follow their thinking. Let’s face it; we are all, including us lesser thinkers, trying to help people through our thoughts! Down the centuries one sharp collision that is very conspicuous in the present is between naturalistic philosophy and supernatural Christianity. Today, in my view the big choice for large numbers of people is between belief in the universe being a massive, meaningless fluke and the world view that believes the historical and final revelatory nature of biblical Christianity.

DNA Puts Paid to a Virgin Birth

While religion escapes scrutiny the world is at risk from the violence and terrorism it produces. Not a single modern religion is without blood on its hands so why should we not see the wrongs behind them? Evidence produced from things like DNA puts them under the light where hopefully some will see the truth.

So We Do Not Lose Heart

Our faith in Christ is so persuasive, so beautifully commanding, that we find it a joy to obey. Such obedience of faith – where, we do not lose heart – is powering us to glory, both here in this life and also in eternity. This is the abundant life we are living. And who would not want it, knowing what it achieves?

Rejecting the Romance of Religion

God has something infinitely better in mind for us who would be romanced by religion. His name is Jesus, and Jesus transforms lives, building completely upon a promise – to save us from our sins. The romance of religion wears off – it’s a temporary satisfaction. Jesus is permanent fulfilment.

God’s Chosen Losers

Our society doesn’t hold back when it comes to this one word that nobody wants to be tagged with. The word of course is “Loser.

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