Covid 19 Passport Micro Chip To Be Implanted In Your Skin

Some Options For Your Next Life

The article discusses resurrections and the immortality of the soul. It says the Bible never claims humans have immortal souls. Any future we have after death will depend entirely on a resurrection. If our souls aren’t immortal then ghost stories, New Age channelling, prayers for the dead in purgatory, and a few other things are also off the agenda. So examine the article very carefully.

The Utopia Beyond Our Wildest Dreams: The Features of God’s Kingdom and How You Can Be a Resident

Picture a paradise filled with happy people who do not have a care in the world, for they do not need to toil under the hot sun for life’s necessities. They have nothing to fear; no doors need to be locked, no children will be abducted, and no parent will pass away, leaving their children behind, for there are no such things as death, diseases, or danger–all forces of evil have been abolished.

The Biblical Resolution to the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

What is the resolution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict? The resolution is simple: that both parties involved should accept what the Word of God says. It’s implementation, however, is difficult without divine intervention.

Modern Idolatry: What Is the Idol in Your Heart?

Do you have an idol in your heart? Now, before you say no, let us define idolatry and see what it means today.

Dressing Properly

I work with many Christians around the world who have limited resources. What they do have, in abundance, is a love and respect for God. That is evident when they come to worship services. They come in their very best.

The Zombie Christian

Today’s church is full of zombies – people carrying out practiced routines without connecting to the true essence of Christianity. Wondering if you are a church zombie or are surrounded by dozens of them. Then this article is for you

Love, Get Your Free Sample Here

What would happen if we gave out God’s Love like a free sample at the grocery store? Would it lesson the Gospel or propel it forward?

Are You In God’s Waiting Room?

Waiting is one of the hardest things in life. There are several reasons this can happen which we will explore together.

How the Gospel Spread to Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria, and to the Uttermost Parts of the Earth

The Gospel of Jesus Christ started out as a small spark in the Galilean hillsides nearly two thousand years ago, but rapidly blazed across all geographical barriers to become the world’s most well-known Good News in the history of humanity. A brief overview of how the Gospel spread will not only empower us to be a part of its spread but will help us see that the Gospel is propelled by divine power.

How to Spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ and Be Motivated and Propelled to Do So

How can we spread the Gospel? How should we prepare? What should motivate and propel us to spread the Gospel?

Eternal Hellfire: What Is Hell for the Wicked?

All unrepentant wicked people will be cast into hell, where the fire will burn for eternity. But what does “eternal” fire of hell mean? What does the Bible say?

Prosperity and Wealth Through Laxmi Puja

Laxmi Puja for wealth is a very popular and very beneficial puja that is performed in temples and at homes on various occasions in India. It is well known that Goddess Laxmi is a benevolent deity who presides over the domain of wealth.

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