Covid Outbreak In America

Is Gluttony A Sin?

We like laughing it off. We ignore the cries of the hungry. We display our fat with pride. But God is not amused.

2017 In Bible Prophecy

2017 starts one of the Shemitah cycles, a 7-year period of judgment in the Bible. 2017 is NOT the beginning of the Tribulation Period. It is the 7-year period BEFORE the Tribulation period. Many will mistakenly believe they have missed the Rapture when they see the world-wide devastation they are experiencing. Others will accuse believers of mis-interpreting the Bible concerning their understanding of the Pre-Trib Rapture.

John’s World

Did the apostle John favor the idea of free will, as John 3:16 seems to say? Or was he (or we should say, the One he quoted) a predestinarian? One who can lay down denominational titles can read freely through the Book of John and see the truth.

Do You Know What You Are Asking?

We must ask ourselves how we fit into God’s purpose and plan for our lives. When we realize what His objective is for us, we will better understand how to pray.

Can A Series Of Men Be “The” Antichrist?

Those who wish to identify the Papacy as antichrist come up against some hard evidence to the contrary in a Book called the Bible. One man only can be the man of sin.

Introducing Biblical Micah

In Micah, we learn of an Almighty Lord who hates sin but loves the sinner. Judgment is a key theme in the book, but wait up, it’s not all bad! The judgments the Prophet, Micah, heralds are pronouncements against the Northern Kingdom (Israel), the Southern Kingdom (Judah), and over the whole earth. Judgment not against a fallen humanity, but judgment against a wicked king’s rule.

Some Variations On The Concept Of The Greatest Possible Being

What is “The Greatest Possible Being”? There are hundreds of traits or properties that one could have that are the greatest in that category. If God (for example) is “The Greatest Possible Being” and that entails being greatest in all possible traits, then God is also the greatest evil being possible. In any event, “greatest” is in the eye of the beholder since greatness is a mental concept not a something that can be absolutely measured to the agreement of all. Here are some variations on the concept of “The Greatest Possible Being”.

We All Believe In Miracles

The irreducible complexity of the first living cell defies evolutionary rationalism. The origin of living things like fish, reptiles, birds, flowering plants, and apes are also an ongoing challenge. But the origin of humans with their big brains and tender consciences in a jungle red in tooth and claw are an even bigger mystery. Humans somehow accept an evolutionary philosophy that says there is no meaning in life whilst entertaining religions that say there is meaning in life.

8 Lingas Used In Hindu Worship

There are 8 Shiva Lingas that are symbols of various gods that come with different benefits. These Lingas include: Indra Lingam – It’s the first lingam and its direction is east. The object is said to be been installed the celestial king and its dominated by Lord Surya, Lord Shukra and Navagrahas. When you worship the object you will be blessed with a long life. You will also be prosperous in your life.

Understanding The Lingam

The lingam is a mark used in the Hindu religion to represent Shiva who is a Hindu deity used for worship. You can find an old example of lingam at Gudimallam, which is a small village, located in Srikalahasti Mandal. The object has a figure of Shiva curved into its front. According to anthropologists, the object dates back to the 2nd century BC

The First Printed Spanish Bible

No matter where you shop for Spanish Holy Bibles, you will find more “1960 Reina-Valera” editions. Why is it so important? Why and when was it produced?

Same-Sex Marriage, Exile of the Christians, Relevance and Irrelevance

If it isn’t clear yet what this is about, let it be clearest, here. The scourging of God’s name, afresh, is the very place we are purposed to be Christian. It’s the very place where our holy Word is true as we read it; we are destined to suffer many things. But suffer them well is our capacity, our aim, and our privilege; for the glory of God. This is where the irrelevant things come to merge with the relevant things.

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