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Adversities and Delays – A Trial of Faith

The Bible tells us that those who profess or claim to believe or have faith in God or Jesus should know that their faith must be tested or tried with some adversities and delays for God’s intervention or response, or to fulfill His promises which they may be believing or claiming. This article brings to us some of these challenges as the confront us daily.

Knowing Where to Find Church Forms

Proper church forms are necessary if you are running a big or small church. It can help to make your church become more organized and you won’t have to worry about losing track of your church funds or any other records.

Abraham’s Separation and Trust – A Trial of Faith

In the Christianity, the call or test of separation and trust/dependence on God which came up to Abraham, equally confronts us. The Lord expects those involved to separate or detach themselves from such very close relationships, interests or attachments that can disturb or hinder Him in the way He would want to deal with them. He also wants them to learn to trust or depend on Him for guidance, strength, protection, provisions, etc, in the course of their walk with Him.

Trials of Faith

The Bible speaks about “receiving the end of your faith, even the salvation of your souls” (1 Peter 1:7-11). Evidently, there are great and numerous benefits that accrue to us from our faith (belief) in God or Christ Jesus, such as healing for our bodies; deliverance from satanic or demonic oppressions, afflictions and even possession; interventions in our affairs, supernatural provisions of needs of life; etc. There is however, what is referred to as “The End of Your Faith”, the ultimate or climax of the benefits of your faith in God or Christ.

Faith in God and Holiness

There are Christians, who deliberately do not bother about right-living, only teaching, emphasizing and manifesting faith for the mundane things of this world. They also claim to be receiving their ‘miracles’. If their claim is true, then the devils have played on their ignorance, as we shall see later in this article.

The Faith the Lord Meant

While teaching on the need for importunity or perseverance in prayer, the Lord Jesus Christ asked a question that got no immediate answer. The answer to that question can only be given practically and not in words. One can give a hasty or hurried “Yes Answer” to the question only for the Lord to come and discover otherwise or the contrary.

Declaration of Independence is Not a Product of the Enlightenment – It is a Christian Document

“Prudence, indeed, will dictate that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes.” You may recognize this line straight out of the Declaration of independence. In this age of instant everything it may be tempting to think that the founding fathers rashly jumped into war with Great Britain and then won the war at the end of the sixty minute drama, with time out for commercials of course.

The Names of God – How Many Do You Know by Experience?

Why should we know the names of God? I mean God is God, right? Isn’t that all there is to it? Knowing the names of God intellectually, like rattling off the Books of the Bible, isn’t what I am talking about. But knowing a name of God because you have experienced him by that name is very important.

The Second Sunday of Easter

Eastertide lasts until Pentecost-the seventh Sunday after Easter. This is the season to celebrate the resurrection of Christ-a time when the world shouts for joy at the gift of eternal life given to all but for the asking. This is a time for the church to emphasize missions-the reaching out to others to share the good news and to minister to their needs. We celebrate the fact that it is still Easter on this Second Sunday of Easter. We do not remove the Easter decorations-those symbols of resurrection such as butterflies, Easter eggs, rainbows, and spring flowers-all reminders of the new life we enjoy in the body of Christ Jesus and the mission on which he sends us as his disciples.

Faith in God – An Absolute Necessity and Exigency

GOD is Almighty. This means that He is all-powerful, having unlimited or universal power and authority. In His omnipotence He called out the universe – the earth (and its fullness), the sun, the other planets, the moon, the stars, etc; with His word at creation. This articles tells us why God is indispensable in human activities.

Bible Object Lessons – Props to You!

Something is missing in your Bible stories for kids but you can’t put your finger on it. You need something to really get your Bible truth across to the kids. It’s like when you’re cooking and the dish tastes okay but it needs an extra kick to it. It’s time to bring in the props with Bible Object lessons!

Faith Therapy – A New Way

It has become very necessary that the entire Christian workforce, and indeed, the whole world, be passed through a faith therapy. This article gives reason why it has to be so.

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