Gift of Love

The gift Christians share in common provides the context for the blossoming of the different gifts that make us unique. And conversely, our unique differences provide the context for the common glue that holds us together.

Christian Principles – Promotion to Service in the Middle of a Prison

Oh, we all desire the glory position that promotes fame. The burden upon these two men must be immeasurable. The alleys are wallpapered with cardboard boxes. Want to be a healer then minister to the broke and the hungry; and boast not about it.

The Church Ekklesia At First is Naturally Unable to Please God

In the beginning, that is before Christ places you in his church you are naturally unable to receive spiritual gifts let alone please God. Everyone that Christ has set in his church were all at one point unable to please God.

How Islamic Books Help Your Children Love to Read

Book reading is a habit that is learned and developed from a very early stage in life. This article discusses how to give your child the love of reading Islamic books.

The Apostle Paul – Take a Good Look!

I have heard it claimed, by pastors in Christian churches, that Paul was anti-Jewish. That he taught the abolishment of the law, and the rejection of the Jewish customs and holy days. In this paper, we will take a look at all of these things, and more.

The Cross

The Cross is held dearly to those of the Christian faith. In fact it has a sacred and has deep meaning for all Christians. The Cross implies redemption of our sins, because Jesus Christ was nailed to death on a cross for the sins of mankind. The Cross was not so common in the first three centuries. It became very prominent among Christians during the end of 3rd century.

The Prayer Mats Industry in Pakistan

The prayer mats industry of Pakistan is not as large as the Oriental or Persian carpet and rug manufacturing industries, but it certainly does provide a mode of living for numerous skilled men and women particularly living in small towns and villages. This article shares interesting facts about the industry.

The Church, Ekklesia – What is Wrong With Us in America

A lot of what’s wrong in the church of Christ is also plainly seen in America. The church spends a lot of its time paying attention to secular society instead of the gospel of Christ. The preachers spend too much of their time judging according to the world instead of according to our canon of Scripture. The major problem is that we’re using the wrong ruler to measure morality by.

How to Rededicate Your Life to Christ

But I have this complaint against you. You don’t love me or each other as you did at first! Look how far you have fallen from your first love! Revelation 2:4-5.

When Our Greatest Strength Becomes Our Greatest Weakness

In our Ancient Civilizations Class, we just finished studying about Julius Caesar. It was stated that his greatest strength, his courage and independence, was also his greatest weakness – which ultimately led to his demise. Somehow, this seems to be the case with most of us in our lives.

The Best Gift

Christianity is not a cookie-cutter religion where people try to match or reach some perfect ideal. Quite the contrary! Christianity is a religion rich in diversity.

6 Steps To Christian Growth

Giving one’s life to Jesus Christ is the best thing that could happen to anybody especially in this world which is polluted with sin, failure, diseases, human imperfections, sorrow, etc. It is expected that having given one’s life to Christ one should think of how to grow as Christian life is progressive.

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