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Keeping the Best Wine For Last

The old wine has run out. The bride is yearning for a deep, intimate relationship with the One who is so in love with her. He has kept the best wine for last!

Mother Mary of God and Red Lipstick

She had painstakingly put aside scarce household change in anticipation of this day buying a special Mary Mother of God statue for her devout mother. I believe in miracles, prayers and holy energies.

Life And Testimony

What a God we worship, what a God we serve. There is nothing He cannot do no matter how bad your situations look like; the solution is there in His name.

How Being a Good Christian is A lot Like Being a Good Gardener

One of my favorite times of year is spring. I love getting outside after the long winter and cleaning up my flowerbeds. Seeing the tulips, lilies, and crocuses coming up really makes my day! As any gardener knows, flowerbeds are a lot of work. If you don’t spend time in them every day, the weeds will take over and choke out all of your flowers. Being a good Christian is much the same.

How Relationships Are Not Like Shower Tiles

I spent the whole afternoon the other day on my hands and knees scrubbing my shower tile. It was covered in hard water and rust stains. So I got out the stiffest scrubbing pad I could find and started in. Now if any of you are familiar with cleaning tile, you might be cringing right now.

Creation Vs Evolution – The Great Debate

It’s funny how some discussions polarize people, and none more so than the ongoing debate between the supporters of Creation versus Evolution. These are two opposing viewpoints and yet in some ways they are similar.

God Through Christ Handpicks the Church and We’re Mad Because He Doesn’t Ask Us?

It’s no secret that God was in Jesus Christ choosing us unto himself for the father but our problem is that God is making it clear through Scripture who makes the determination for being born again. We do not choose God and he is not asking us.

The Easter Promise

Happy Easter! “Holy God, Holy mighty one, Holy immortal one, Have mercy on us and the whole world.” (3X) Jesus, King of mercy, we trust in You!”

The Spirit in the Church Today – Part 28

The writer of Hebrews adds his confirmation of the need for signs, wonders, miracles, and gifts of the Spirit to be present when the word of the Lord is spoken, especially in times of introduction into a new culture. Of course, new cultures, new neighborhoods, new families, are being encountered daily around the world. The need continues.

The Spirit in the Church Today – Part 27

In city after city the Spirit moved in power as Jesus was introduced by Paul’s preaching. Word is important, but word alone was never the full ticket.

The Spirit in the Church Today, Part 29

John and Jude round out the exhortations regarding the Holy Spirit. After hearing from Jesus and all these other men of God, we can only come to one conclusion…

What is Faith?

No Christian trait is more commended in the New Testament than faith. Conversely, no Christian trait comes under more rebuke than unbelief. But what is faith? This articles seeks to this question.

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